Internet Loves Australian Chef Gary Mehigan's Way Of Making Red Chutney

Chef Gary Mehigan recently grabbed the internet's attention with his red chutney for Bombay sandwich. Read on.

Internet Loves Australian Chef Gary Mehigan's Way Of Making Red Chutney

Gary Mehigan red chutney recipe (Photo Credit: iStock)

Indians and their obsession with spices knows no boundary. After all Indian cuisine is much loved for its rich flavour, which honestly won't be possible without varied spices. It seems former Masterchef Australia judge Gary Mehigan also agrees with it. We say this because Gary dropped a post showing his preparation for red chutney that he made to enjoy along with a Bombay-style Sandwich. How was it? All things spicy. Gary's post included a series of clips. The first video revealed that he soaked Kashmiri red chillies so that they turn plump. In the clip, he can be heard saying, "Let's see how hot they are?" Then he grinds the soaked chillies with a few ingredients that he mentioned in the caption. Before grinding it all into a thick paste, Gary Mehigan mentioned that he removed all the seeds so that it tasted spicy but not so much. He said, "It is hot, but certainly not as hot as the other ones." The last video showed bright red chilli paste served in a small bowl. Oh relax, he won't eat it straight away. In the note attached to the post, the celebrity chef revealed that he will add a bit of mayonnaise and kewpie so that it turns "really luscious".

Sharing the post, Gary Mehigan wrote, "Red chutney for Bombay sandwich...I used big Kashmiri chillies, garlic, toasted cumin, toasted chana dal, a pinch of salt and black salt. Plus a good pinch of Shan chaat spice. It tastes really good but I'm putting it out there what's your recipe...? Will mix a bit of mayo or kewpie in to make it really luscious...!"

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The internet loved Gary Mehigan's red chutney. Many users urged him to share the complete recipe.

A few users claimed that his way of preparing red chutney and their way of preparing garlic chutney are similar but with a difference in the quantity of garlic. A comment read, "This is also used in Bombay chaat and is known as garlic chutney so the only difference for me would be a generous dose of garlic and some lime juice."

"So if you add some shallow fried tomatoes and onions and blend them together with this chutney you'll make the yummiest red chutney that you can eat with dosa & idli," read a comment.

Another person wrote that the red chutney "could go in as a base for the bhaji in pav bhaji".

"Thank you for sharing this very authentic recipe! It's my absolute favourite on sandwiches and parathas," said a person.

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