This Negative Calorie Winter Food May Help You Drop Those Extra Kilos! 

Carrots are also classified as negative calorie foods. Negative calorie foods are foods that are extremely low in calories.

This Negative Calorie Winter Food May Help You Drop Those Extra Kilos!


  • Negative calorie foods are foods with very low calories
  • Digesting negative calorie foods burns a lot of calories
  • Having a balanced diet is a crucial component of weight loss

The chilly weather has intensified our cravings for all things greasy and yummy. A bowl of gajar ka halwa is one of our most beloved winter delicacies. Shredded carrots, cooked in oodles of ghee, sugar and chunky nuts, gajar ka halwa can instantly bring a smile on our face. But did you know the veggie we often like to associate with the most decadent winter dessert, could also help you cut down those extra pounds you tend to put on in winters? Carrot is an excellent addition you can make to your weight loss diet. It is packed with dietary fibres that can help facilitate weight loss. Fibres take longer to breakdown and digest, which means they stay in your system for a long time, giving you the feeling of fullness. If you feel full, you are much less likely to binge on other fattening foods. According to the book 'Healing Foods', "carrots also aid digestion, help weight control and contain silicon, which benefits skin and nails, and promote eye health due to their beta-carotene, lycopene and lutein content."  

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Carrots are also classified as ‘negative calorie' foods. Negative calorie foods are foods that are extremely low in calories. According to the negative calorie food theory, digesting these foods burns up more calories than what they inherently contain, thereby, nullifying the calorie pile-up. Hundred grams of carrots contain 41 calories, which makes it a safe addition to weight loss diet. But that does not mean you stop maintaining portion control. Excess of anything is not a sustainable strategy for weight loss. You can tuck into them raw or mix use them in healthy, low calorie preparations. 


Here Are Some Interesting Weight-Loss Friendly Carrot Recipes That You Can Prepare At Home:


1. Carrot Juice: To make the most of carrot's fibres, it is best to have it raw. But it is a good idea to have them in form of juice too once in a while. To make carrot juice at home, you need to wash and chop the carrots. Add the chopped carrots to the blender. Add some water. Blend till smooth. If the consistency is too thick for your liking add more water and blend again. 


2. Carrot Salad. You can chop some carrots and other veggies and fruits like cucumber, oranges or celery and enjoy a hearty salad. You can also add some leaves and pseudo grains like quinoa to your salad. 

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Carrots can be great for people who are on a weight loss program.

3. Carrot Soup: You can also use diced carrots in a hearty chicken or veg soup. Make sure the soup is clear and not creamy. Creamy versions of soup may be an invitation to extra calories, which you can easily avoid. 

Include this negative calorie food in your diet and see the results yourself. 

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