On The Last Day Of 2023, Soha Ali Khan Made Her "First Fried Egg Ever"

Soha Ali Khan shared a picture of her cooking adventure on her Instagram story.

On The Last Day Of 2023, Soha Ali Khan Made Her 'First Fried Egg Ever'

Soha Ali Khan keeps sharing her food adventures on social media.

A fried egg is the go-to breakfast option for many of us. The nutritious and tasty egg dish can be paired with any kind of toast and enjoyed for a filling morning treat. But the real reason we love it is because of its simple recipe. In just a few minutes, you get a runny fried egg to be topped on your bread. Can you imagine anyone not knowing how to make this egg recipe? Well, Soha Ali Khan just admitted she never did!

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But, to mark the perfect ending of 2023, she did try the recipe "for the first time ever" and by the looks of it, she nailed it. She even shared a picture of her attempt on her Instagram story. We can see a bread toast slathered with a green paste that looks like mashed avocado, and on top of it is a bright fried egg, or as you like to call it - sunny side up.  

Soha Ali Khan wrote, "It may be the last day of the year but I just made my first fried egg ever!!!" For the first attempt, we say it's not bad at all. 

Take a look at the picture: 

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This Instagram story reminds us of a time when Soha Ali Khan enjoyed the same meal - bread toast with mashed avocado and fried egg - sometime last year. She had shared a picture of it on her Instagram story with the caption - "all day breakfast". Read the full story here.

Now we know that this egg dish is one of Soha's preferred morning meals. But what's new is that she now knows how to make it herself.