Manage Diabetes Naturally: Follow These Easy Tips To Keep Blood Sugar In Control

Daily medication and the health troubles that silently come along with diabetes are always troublesome. Follow these natural diabetes remedies to control your sugar levels.

Manage Diabetes Naturally: Follow These Easy Tips To Keep Blood Sugar In Control
Regular medication and the health troubles that come along with diabetes are always troublesome. In order to manage diabetes naturally, one must have to follow a strong routine, which includes maintaining a healthy weight, morning walks, yoga sessions, and paying close attention to your diet and caloric intake. Moreover, it is important to keep your blood glucose level in control, and monitor your blood sugar and medicines regularly. However, at times it becomes quite difficult to follow such stringent diet and routine, and mostly we get swayed whenever we see scrumptious desserts. It is seen that people with diabetes complain of having strong urges of having sweet things, which is completely normal. However, eating sweets once in a while is allowed, but it is important to keep it in moderation. Therefore, to help diabetics we have rounded up a few natural diabetes remedies that will help to control sugar levels.  
Manage Diabetes Naturally With Easy Home Remedies


What Is Diabetes?

Diabetes is classified as a group of metabolic diseases that cause high blood sugar levels. The reason behind having diagnosed with diabetes is because of inadequate production of insulin by the pancreas or when the cells of our body do not respond to the insulin produced. 

Types of Diabetes:

  • Type-1 diabetes is a situation where one's body is unable to produce insulin. It majorly develops in childhood or adolescence, however, it may occur at any age. 
  • The second condition in which the cells in our body fail to respond to the insulin produced, this is called type-2 diabetes.
  • Other than these two types, there is also a third kind, gestational diabetes, which affects females during pregnancy.

How To Manage Diabetes Naturally?

1. Maintain A Healthy Diet: It is very important to keep a track of your carb intake. As carbs are broken down into glucose, resulting increase in our blood sugar levels. Therefore, curbing carb intake may help with balancing our blood sugar control. Experts always advise to eat good amount of fibre-rich foods, this may help control our blood sugar. Moreover, adding more of soluble dietary fibre, fresh vegetables and bitter herbs to our diet will be beneficial.

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2. Keep Yourself Hydrated: Backed by a lot of studies, drinking adequate water helps control the blood sugar levels. Good amount of water intake (say about 2 litres a day) will prevent situations like dehydration, and will help kidneys to flush out the harmful toxins through urine. It is important to drink water regularly, as it re-hydrates the blood, which lowers your blood sugar levels and further reduces the risk of having diabetes. Always pick drinks that are calorie-free.
symptoms of diabetes

Manage Diabetes Naturally: Drink Sufficient Water 

3. Consider Drinking Copper Treated Water: As per Ayurveda, copper has many health benefits and one of them is to keep diabetes in control. Regular intake of copper treated water will help in diabetics to control the symptoms. All you need to do is to put one cup of water in a copper glass at night and drink the water next morning. 

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4. Have A Sound Sleep: Doctors always recommend to have at least 8 hours of sleep. As it is believed that having a sound sleep maintains a good mental as well as physical health. Improper sleeping habits may affect your blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity, which is a root cause of weight gain. 
Manage Diabetes Naturally: Maintain The Stress Levels And Have A Sound Sleep

5. Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle: Do you know that a stressful life can not only hamper your peace of mind, but also harms your health?! For diabetics, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and managing the stress levels is imperative, as it may affect their blood sugar levels. When we are under stress, hormones like glucagon and cortisol are secreted, which, in return, spike up our blood sugar levels. Doctors always recommend to manage stress by indulging in some physical activities like regular workout, yoga, swimming, et al.

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Follow these natural diabetes remedies to control your sugar levels; however, consult your doctor before you add/try anything new to your diet.