This Article is From Jan 06, 2018

Living Near Gyms May Make You Slimmer; These Diet Tips Will Help Too!

A study published in Lancet Public Health said that people living away from food outlets tend to be slimmer and healthier.

Living Near Gyms May Make You Slimmer; These Diet Tips Will Help Too!


  • People living near gyms, swimming pools tend to be slimmer, says study.
  • People living far away from food outlets also tend to be slimmer.
  • There are some eating habits that can help you lose weight.
With the New Year come new resolutions, a lot of which have to do with a change of lifestyle and diet in order to lead healthier toxin-free lifestyle. But as it turns out, there's another way of shedding the kilos- changing where you live! According to a recent survey published in Lancet Public health, people living near gyms, swimming pools and sports fields and clubs tend to be slimmer than those who live away from them. Furthermore, living away from food outlets and fast food restaurants also means slimmer waists and leaner bodies. However, the latter connection isn't as strong as the former, says the study.

So now that you know what will help you achieve those New Year's resolutions, maybe it's time to look for house that's closer to a number of gyms and sports fields? Obviously that's easier said than done, therefore, here are some diet and eating tips to help you keep slim and fit:

1. Don't eat too late in the evening

This is something almost everyone who's even remotely concerned with leading a healthy lifestyle, is familiar with. Eating too late in the evening or late in the night is detrimental to health and leads to weight gain. For those wanting to lose weight, eat as early as is possible in the evening, ideally before 8 pm.

2. Keep healthy snacks at hand

The easiest way to cut out junk is to try and keep healthy food and snacks at hand, as often as is possible. Carry a box of nutritious homemade trail mix with you to your workplace and keep some healthy nuts like almonds, walnuts or roasted sunflower and flaxseeds at your table. These will keep you from feeling hungry too often.

3. Keep Yourself Hydrated

Water is an excellent appetite suppressant, besides acting as a detoxifier, by flushing out all the toxins from the blood. If you feel hungry between meals, drink a little water. Keep a bottle always handy. Drinking warm water has been proven to aid weight loss to a great extent. Even water seeped in various herbs and spices like fenugreek, cumin, etc also helps in weight loss.

4. Prep Your Meals yourselves

Meal prep is an excellent way of cutting out unnecessary calories. Plan ahead and chalk out a meal timetable for the rest of the week. This way you won't have to order in. Homemade food is always healthier than the meals ordered from restaurants that are usually loaded with salt. Meal prep also saves time and makes you fully aware of what you're consuming.

5. Say no diet sodas and artificial sweeteners

We know it sounds ironical, but it's true. Multiple studies on these sweeteners have denounced them for their harmful effects on the body. They have been known to promote hyperactivity, insomnia and reduced sleep quality. If you can't live without sweets, switch to natural sweeteners like honey or jaggery that also have a host of health benefits. For those really committed to weight reduction, keep away from sugary foods altogether.

Weight loss isn't easy, but small adjustments in eating habits and lifestyle may help you shed those extra kilos and achieve your body goals faster.