'You Are My Fanney Khan': Shah Rukh Khan To Anil Kapoor

"I love you because you are my Fanney Khan!" Shah Rukh Khan tells Anil Kapoor

'You Are My Fanney Khan': Shah Rukh Khan To Anil Kapoor

Shah Rukh Khan and Anil Kapoor in Mumbai


  • Fanney Khan is all set to hit screens tomorrow
  • Anil Kapoor plays the protagonist in the movie
  • SRK joined the film's promotional duties just in time
New Delhi:

Be prepared to hear the audience chanting Fanney Khan... Fanney Khan... in theatres tomorrow but ahead of that the film's lead star Anil Kapoor gets a huge shout-out from Shah Rukh Khan. Shah Rukh, who is several years junior to Anil Kapoor in the film industry, recently revealed how the Ram Lakhan star had been a source of encouragement in his life as a struggling actor. Speaking to Mr Kapoor at Wednesday's screening of Fanney Khan, Shah Rukh said: "Mereko na do-chaar incidents yaad hain un logon ka, jinhone mujhe bahaut pyaar diya hai. Aur yeh coincidence hai ki tum mujhse yeh pooch rahe ho! Yeh story maine bahaut logo ko bataya hain."

Shah Rukh then revisited his days when he was an aspiring actor, trying his luck in Bollywood, and narrated an incident when Anil Kapoor (who was already a big name in the industry) kept him company for hours. "He was so kind to me... for one or two hours he kept on sitting with me, chatting with me and kept on telling me 'Tu kar yaar, picture mein kaam kar!' So, at times like these when you're trying out, when you're new, little source of encouragement or apnapan. When you see such a talented, hardworking actor talking with such an open heart to you, so from that day, till today, 'I love you because you are my Fanney Khan," said Shah Rukh. Shah Rukh and Anil Kapoor are co-stars of 1995 film Trimurti.

Meanwhile, Anil Kapoor also has everything nice to say about Shah Rukh Khan. Sharing the video on his social media accounts, he wrote: "He is truly one of the kindest actors you will ever meet. That very quality of his makes Shah Rukh a Fanney Khan in my eyes. Thank you for the person that you are and for always being so supportive."

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Fanney Khan, directed by Atul Manjrekar, also stars Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Rajkummar Rao in key roles. Fanney Khan tracks the story of a father desperately trying to fulfil his daughter's dream of becoming a successful singer.