When Aamir Khan Asked Ex-Wife Kiran Rao Where He "Lacked As A Husband"

Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao parted ways in July 2021

When Aamir Khan Asked Ex-Wife Kiran Rao Where He 'Lacked As A Husband'

Aamir Khah and Kiran Rao at an event.

Aamir Khan and his ex-wife Kiran Rao are currently busy promoting their upcoming film Laapataa Ladies. This movie marks Kiran's directorial comeback and has been co-produced by Aamir. During the ABP Network's Ideas of India Summit, Aamir shared an instance where he asked Kiran about his shortcomings as a husband. He recounted, “Ek mazedaar cheez hai. Hum logg ka divorce abhi hua hai aap log ko pata hi hoga. Ek din shaam ko main baitha hua tha, maine bola Kiran, kya lagta hai as a husband mujhme kya kya kami thi? What can I improve abhi aage chalra hu life mein [I'll tell you an amusing thing. We recently got divorced as you all know. One evening I asked Kiran, what do you think I lacked as a husband? What can I improve on going forward?]”

“She said haan likho. Bakaeda mujhe points likhwae gaye. Aap bahut baat karte hain, aap kisiko baat nhi karne dete, apne hi point pe ghuse rehte hain. Kuch 15-20 points maine likhe hue hain [She said, yes write it down. I was made to take down all the complaints in points. ‘You talk a lot, you don't let anyone else talk and keep harping on your own point. I was given about 15-20 pointers],” Aamir Khan added.

Kiran Rao, who was also present there, interjected, saying, “I mean, you asked…”

Earlier, in an interview with News18, Aamir Khan shared his thoughts about working with Kiran Rao post-divorce. He remarked, “Yeh koi doctor ne kaha hai ke divorce ho jata hai toh aap foran dushman ho jaate hai? Yeh meri khushnaseebi hai ke mere zindagi mein Kiran aayi aur humara safar bahut hee fulfilling raha mere liye. [Has any doctor said that if you get divorced, you instantly become enemies? I consider myself fortunate that Kiran came into my life, and our journey has been incredibly fulfilling.]” 

Bahut kuch banaya humne [Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao] saath mein, personally and professionally aur agge bhi hum saath mein hee hai. Hum insaani aur jaazbaati taur pe jude huye hai aur humesha rahenge. [We have created a lot together, both personally and professionally, and we will continue to be together in the future. We're connected on a human and emotional level, and that bond will always remain.] We are like a family,” Aamir Khan concluded.

Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao got married in 2005. The duo also welcomed their son Azad in 2011. They decided to part ways in July 2021.