Kunal Kemmu Says He And Soha Ali Khan Are "Better Together." We Totally Agree

Kunal Kemmu shared the video on Instagram and wrote, "Better together."

Kunal Kemmu Says He And Soha Ali Khan Are 'Better Together.' We Totally Agree

Kunal Kemmu and Soha Ali Khan in a still from the video. (Image courtesy: kunalkemmu)


  • Kunal Kemmu shared a new video on Instagram
  • The video features several pictures of Kunal and Soha
  • The video received scores of comments from the couple's fans
New Delhi:

While the rains beat against our window panes and the temperatures dip to a cosy mien, warmth is all that we start craving for. For some of us, warmth is a cup of tea or a book in a cushioned corner or moments spent with a loved one. Warmth, for Soha Ali Khan and Kunal Kemmu, lies in cherishing their relationship with a sweet compilation of their candid moments. Actor Kunal Kemmu shared with us a video where he has compiled snippets of playful and lively moments that he has shared with Soha over their six years of marriage. 

The actress is at first seen resting her head on her husband's shoulder while they both make funny faces and pose for filters of futuristic glasses or childish frames. They are seen spending good times indoors or enjoying themselves outdoors while posing extravagantly for the camera. In some pictures, the two are in a gentle embrace whereas in others they are matching shades of clothing in reds or greens. In one photo, Kunal Kemmu is seen giving a kiss on Soha's cheek. 

In the audio track, we hear the heart-warming lines from Jack Johnson's Better Together. Kunal Kemmu has chosen the song with much care and repeated its title in his caption with a smiling-face-with-hearts emoji.

Soha put up the video on her Instagram Stories and wrote, "Always."


Take a look at these pictures from Kunal Kemmu's 38th birthday celebration. For the caption, Soha wrote, “Posed, unposed, reposed and exposed. Birthdays with Kunal Kemmu.”

One day, Soha also shared her husband's plight after he had a hot plate of pav bhaji. We did not miss their giggles while they recorded this unforeseen incident. Soha captioned the post, "The breakfast of champions?"

Next in line is a cute family moment featuring the two with their daughter Inaaya on the day of Holi. The three have colour smeared on their faces and seem to be cherishing their family time. However, Inaaya is busy with the colours on her mother's hands.

That's enough warmth from their side to keep our cloudy days bright, isn't it?