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Remember Lucky Ali's Viral O Sanam In Goa? Now, A Special Song For Nafisa Ali

All we need is a friendship like this and Lucky Ali's songs

Remember Lucky Ali's Viral O Sanam In Goa? Now, A Special Song For Nafisa Ali

Nafisa Ali with Lucky Ali. (courtesy: nafisaalisodhi)


  • Nafisa Ali dedicated a post to Lucky Ali
  • "Lucky has the voice that touches hearts," wrote Nafisa Ali
  • "Will keep you posted," she added
New Delhi:

Last year, actress Nafisa Ali shared a clip of singer Lucky Ali performing his song O Sanam in Goa and it went instantly and madly viral. Now, he's taking the collaboration, if you will, to the next level - a song composed and recorded by the singer specially for Nafisa Ali. The Junoon star wrote in an Instagram post, "I am so ecstatic as my friend Lucky Ali is producing, composing and recording a song specially for me. Lucky has the voice that touches hearts. Wish us luck and thank you to director and producer Arjun Nirula for agreeing make this into a music video. Will keep you posted and wish us all blessings (please) to harmonise the soulful music of our legendary 'Ali.'"

Read Nafisa Ali's post here:

Both actress and musician currently live in Goa. In December 2020, Nafisa Ali posted this snippet of Lucky Ali's impromptu performance of O Sanam on her Instagram:

After the clip went viral, Nafisa Ali told DNA that she and Lucky Ali were at a performance of young singers in Goa. "When it all came to an end, they said, Sir please sing us a song, and now Lucky said, Nafisa, you've put me in a spot. I said what did you think, you are their guru, you are the legend. If they want you to sing one song, I feel you show them how you sing. Then I just quickly put my camera on and recorded it," she told DNA.

Lucky Ali, son of the actor Mehmood, was a key figure in the emerging Indipop genre of the 1990s. Speaking to Indian Express recently, he said about his impromptu Goa gig: "For me, music just happens when it happens. I don't really go out looking for it. It's not like a factory."

Nafisa Ali, a former swimming champion and beauty queen, is best-known for her performance in 1978 film Junoon opposite Shashi Kapoor. She also appeared Major Saab, Life In A...Metro and a handful of other films. In addition, Ms Ali, a cancer survivor, is a social activist and had a short political career.