Mira Rajput And Mykonos, A Love Story. Circa 2017 BC (Before Corona)

"Postcard from my soul city," Mira Rajput captioned her photo

Mira Rajput And Mykonos, A Love Story. Circa 2017 BC (Before Corona)

Mira Rajput shared this photo (courtesy mira.kapoor)


  • Mira Rajput shared a vacation throwback on Instagram
  • Mira can be seen chilling in Mykonos in the pic
  • "August 2017 BC, Mira dated the photo
New Delhi:

Mira Rajput, Shahid Kapoor's wife, is in a Mykonos state of mind. Mira took a trip down memory lane and time travelled all the back to 2017, when she had the time of her life in Mykonos, Greece. Mira picked out one of her favourite travel memories from her Mykonos diaries and shared it with her Instafam, adding an ROFL reference to the term "BC". Mira dated the photo as 2017 BC, which in her dictionary, stands for "before corona." Mira also described the Greek island as her "soul city." Dressed in white, Mira was cute as a button in a polka dotted dress, styled with a hat and beige shoes. Postcard from my soul city Mykonos, Greece. August 2017 BC #beforecorona," Mira captioned her photo.

Here's the vacation throwback Mira Rajput shared on her Instagram:

Mira Rajput often trends for her interesting Instagram posts. Here, she can be seen chilling in stunning swimwear, which she captioned with a bit of sarcasm and wrote: "Minutes before the mess."

On Holi, she shared this adorable post featuring Shahid Kapoor and wrote: "Happy Holi! This time I got the real SK."

Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput got married in 2015 at a private farmhouse in New Delhi and they welcomed daughter Misha in 2016. Their son Zain was born to the couple in 2018. Shahid and Mira couple also often feature in headlines for their adorable social media exchanges. Mira, very active on Instagram, is popular for her skincare routine videos, which are always a hit, and also for her DIY ideas.