Krishna Shroff Makes Us Look Bad Again With Deadlifts In The Gym

Krishna Shroff has shared a video of her lifting weights in the gym

Krishna Shroff Makes Us Look Bad Again With Deadlifts In The Gym

A screenshot from Krishna Shroff's post. (courtesy: kishushroff)

New Delhi:

If you have been skipping gym for sometime now, we recommend you stay away from Krishna Shroff's Instagram timeline as it is bound to make you feel guilty. The fitness enthusiast has shared a video of her killing it in the gym (yet again), lifting weights with ease. In the caption, Krishna Shroff revealed that she was lifting 30 kgs after taking off a month from her fitness routine. Along with the video, she said, “30 KG away from my one-rep max (90 KG) after over a month off is probably still your PR, so just gonna leave this right here for ya.” Well, did someone say “goals”?

Watch the video here:

Krishna Shroff also shared an image of her boxing on Instagram Stories and said, “My other mood: Chun-Li.”


And, the gym is where Krishna Shroff is the happiest. Need proof? Take a look at these images that she clicked at the gym, looking gorgeous as always. In the caption, she said, “A rare sighting of me minus the resting b***** face. #cuteaf.”

In another post, Krishna Shroff shared an image of her face and gave us a lesson in self-love with her caption. She wrote, “Uff, the symmetry.”

Before that, Krishna Shroff shared a beautiful image of herself which had her brother Tiger Shroff's stamp of approval. In the caption, she said, “When Tiger Shroff says “main post,” we main post.”

While Krishna Shroff is quite the star on social media, she has stayed away from the world of Bollywood, despite receiving offers to act in movies. In an interview with Bollywood Life last year, Krishna Shroff said that she never wanted to join films and that fitness has always been her passion in life. Speaking about the film offers, she said: "I've of course said, 'No,' to every one of them because I've been pretty solid and clear in my head from the beginning - it's not something that I wanted to delve into, it's just doesn't ignite that spark within me like.” Krishna Shroff, who runs her own MMA centre and gym added, "This gives me that adrenaline rush that I want and crave for and that (films) just has never really been something that I felt like I wanted to do."

Krishna Shroff is the daughter of Bollywood actor Jackie Shroff and producer Ayesha Shroff.