Koffee With Karan 8: 5 Things We Learnt About Katrina Kaif, Courtesy Vicky Kaushal

Koffee With Karan episode was eclipsed by conversations about Katrina Kaif

Koffee With Karan 8: 5 Things We Learnt About Katrina Kaif, Courtesy Vicky Kaushal

Vicky Kaushal with Katrina Kaif. (courtesy: katrinakaif)

New Delhi:

Back in 2018, during an episode of Karan Johar's talk show Koffee With Karan 6, Katrina Kaif had said that she would "look nice" with Vicky Kaushal on screen. Year 2023 - the two are married and the Sam Bahadur actor shared some fun facts about wife Katrina Kaif on the Koffee couch. Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal got married in Sawai Madhopur in December 2021. Here's a look at 5 things Vicky Kaushal said about wife Katrina Kaif on the show. Don't miss his super cute proposal story.

Has Vicky Cracked The Code?

During the Koffee Shots segment, Karan Johar asked Kiara Advani and Vicky Kaushal if they have figured out how to get their partners to do what they want. Vicky quickly took the shot and Kiara asked him, "You managed?" Vicky Kaushal then explained, "See, Katrina is the perfect candidate for reverse psychology. If I want her to agree to what I want, I have to wholeheartedly, with abundance agree to what she wants. And then she turns around and she's like, but by the way I see the point in what you're saying and then she comes around." He added, "For us, disagreement starts with a silent treatment."

Katrina Kaif Loves Art. Vicky Kaushal - Not So Much

We learnt a little more about Katrina Kaif, courtesy Vicky Kaushal. Katrina Kaif is a big art lover, Vicky revealed. The actor revealed that he doesn't get art but Katrina is a big fan. When Karan Johar asked his guests if they have ever faked an interest in something their partner likes, Vicky replied, "I have never understood art. She is fond of it. Like my first year anniversary gift to her was a piece of art. And I have never really understood it and those things are expensive but then she made me ease into it and showed me a lot of things and then I genuinely got into it. Then we really got something that spoke to us. Now, that wall is my favourite wall of the house," he said.

Beast Mode On

Vicky Kaushal revealed that the proposal was just a day before their wedding because both he and Katrina had busy schedules. He mentioned that Katrina Kaif is an absolute "beast" when it comes to song shoots and fitness. Vicky Kaushal said, "One of the reasons, the proposal was so last minute was because she was neck-deep into the Tiger 3 shoot. There was a song coming and where there is a song coming, she is a beast. Like into fitness and she goes crazy. I have never seen a person eating sweet potatoes for six months. And I was like how do you do it? She was in a different country. I was shooting something else."

The Three Magical Words - Not What You Think They Are

During the episode, Karan Johar said, "But the funny thing is that I saw an interview of yours where you said that the three words that I don't tell her are I love you on a daily basis. I always tell her let me speak." Vicky Kaushal agreed and said, "Only on the three days that I wish to talk in the year. I am a very happy listener but on the three days in a year that I wish to speak, I want to be heard. I say I love you on a daily basis but then the stronger three words are let me speak because now is my time. Now is that one day."

Code Katrina - Signal To Leave Parties

During the Koffee Shots round, KJo asked the guests if they have a codeword or a look with their respective partners to escape a dull party. Vicky Kaushal instantly replied, "No, she has." When Kiara asked, "What's the look," Vicky replied, "If she is holding my hand, then there will be a big, tight (pinch) and I'll go, what happened?" To this Karan Johar jokingly added, "Then she must holding your hand like this kyunki Katrina Kaif kahin nahi jaati (because Katrina Kaif doesn't go to any party)."

Bonus - The Proposal Story

Sharing his proposal story, Vicky Kaushal revealed, "It was very last minute. I had been warned by everybody that if you don't propose, it's something you'll have to be prepared for for the rest of your life that you got to hear about it. I did that one day before the wedding It was dinner just before any of the friends and families could come."