This Article is From Aug 03, 2021

Please Excuse Kajol, She's Too Busy To Ignore You Right Now

The actress shared the video on Instagram where she is seen in a blue saree, an ornate Kamar bandh and a classical dancer's elaborate headgear.

Please Excuse Kajol, She's Too Busy To Ignore You Right Now

Kajol in a still from the video. (Image courtesy: kajol)


  • Kajol dropped a new video on Instagram
  • She can be seen dancing in the boomerang video
  • The video is from the sets of 'Tribhanga'
New Delhi:

Actress Kajol is busy. Don't ask why. Just gulp down what we say and watch her Boomerang on Instagram. What do you see? The actress, in a blue saree, wears a kamar bandh and sports an elaborate headgear: the unmistakable attire of a classical dancer. We are allowed to be stunned by her looks but that's not her business today. "I am busy right now, can I ignore you some other time?" she wrote in her caption. Perhaps that's all the attention that we get from her today. She may turn her back to us, walk away and outright ignore us. But please don't ask us to do something similar because we can't take our eyes off her. Seems like the Boomerang was made during the shooting of her film Tribhanga. In the movie, Kajol plays the role of a Odissi dancer.   

There's enough reason for her to ignore the whole world. The actress is adept at pepping up her days in her own way, especially if she has food on her mind. She can plunge into her old photos from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and give them a "peanut butter" twist in a moment. She shared a photo and wrote, "When your brain says 'crunches' but your stomach auto-corrects it to 'peanut butter.'"

Other times, Kajol has Alexa to entertain her. But maybe she is asking too much of that tiny voice AI machine. In one throwback photo, she captioned, "Alexa, curl my hair. No scaring me like the last time." We wonder what Alexa must've done to scare her last time and can only hope it doesn't repeat such heinous mischiefs again. 

Be it glamorous throwback photos or random clicks, she will bring her sense of humour to work and brighten her day in a snap. Somedays, she can own up that she is a drama queen by her own rights. In these photos, she poses in animated ways. She wrote, "So, apparently, I'm dramatic." We are glad she is finally acknowledging her talents. 

But again, she'll be back to ignoring us in her nonchalant ways. While we sit dazed by some of her throwback photos on Instagram, she can stun us even more with ingenious captions. In this one, she wrote, "Sorry, I can't hear you over the volume of my hair." We can remain dazed by her voluminous tresses and blissfully overlook that she can't really hear us shout out her praises.

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