Jaya Bachchan Challenges Trolls To "Show Their Faces" At Navya's Podcast Show

Jaya said, "If you are actually brave, then comment on actual issues"

Jaya Bachchan Challenges Trolls To 'Show Their Faces' At Navya's Podcast Show

Jaya Bachchan on the show. (courtesy: NavyaNanda)

New Delhi:

The teaser of Navya Nanda's new episode from her podcast show What The Hell Navya season 2 is out and it's Jaya Bachchan grabbing the limelight once again as she challenged the trolls to "show their faces". In the teaser, Navya can be seen engaging in a conversation with her mom Shweta Bachchan and grandmom Jaya Bachchan about trolls. "If you want to comment, then comment positively. But no, you just give your verdict," Jaya says in the promo. Navya adds, "The trolls might not dare to speak if they sit in front of you (referring to Jaya)." Jaya promptly replies, "They won't have the courage." Navya teases her grandmom with these words, "With you, definitely not." Later in the promo, Jaya challenged the trolls to speak about real issues and show their faces. Jaya can be heard saying, "If you are actually brave, then comment on actual issues and show your face." Sharing the teaser on her Instagram, Navya captioned the post, "Buckle up, it's a bumpy ride through the journey of societal craziness. New episode out tomorrow at 7pm!" Take a look:

Jaya Bachchan, who shares a lukewarm relationship with the Mumbai paparazzi and often schools them, gets trolled on social media heavily for this attitude. However, this is not the first time Jaya has spoken about trolls and her reaction to memes. In the first episode of Navya's podcast show, Jaya said, she doesn't mind people laughing at her but those memes are bad.

When Shweta Bachchan explained that being an "internet sensation" or "meme-generator" is a side hustle, Jaya Bachchan said, "I do (side hustle)...I provide meals for some of the people who do my memes."  Navya said, "There is a term which has been coined after your meme, which is called 'Jaya-ing'..." Interrupting her, Shweta Bachchan explained, "When you are extra salty it's Jaya-ing?" Listening to this, Jaya Bachchan said, "It's not in a very complimentary way, but it's ok." Jaya added, "I don't mind, people making fun of you or laughing at you. I don't mind that. But the people doing the memes are so bad, they should do it properly." Navya urged her, "You should teach them," and Jaya responded, "Why should I teach them?"

Recently, at the screening of her grandson Agastya Nanda's debut film The Archies, Jaya Bachchan was captured scolding the lensmen, asking them not to shout. In 2022, Jaya Bachchan, in one of the episodes of What The hell Navya, revealed her dislike for the paparazzi. She said, "I hate it. I despise it. I despise the people who interfere in your personal life and fill their stomachs by selling those products. I hate it, I'm disgusted with such people. I always tell them, I say, "Aapko sharam nahi aati hai [Don't you feel ashamed?]."