Inside Chhavi Mittal's "Best Anniversary" Celebrations

Chhavi Mittal celebrated 17th wedding anniversary with Mohit Hussein

Inside Chhavi Mittal's 'Best Anniversary' Celebrations

Chhavi Mittal's anniversary celebrations (Courtesy: chhavihussein)

New Delhi:

Chhavi Mittal and Mohit Hussein celebrated their 17th wedding anniversary on Friday. The mini but sweet celebration took place at the hospital where Chhavi is recovering after her cancer surgery.  In the video, Chhavi, Mohit and their daughter Areeza are cutting a cake. As per Chhavi, this is the “best anniversary ever”. She has declared it in her caption. “This has actually turned out to be the best anniversary ever.” Chhavi's Shitty Ideas Trending co-star Karan V Grover has sent his warmest wishes on the occasion. “Happy anniversary, guys,” he wrote. Actor Pracheen Chauhan said, “Happy anniversary. Love and happiness.”

Chhavi Mittal also penned a long anniversary note for Mohit Hussein. She shared two pictures with Mohit. Here, Chhavi is lying on a hospital bed as Mohit leans to kiss her. Her note read, “Dear Mohit Hussein, when you asked my father for my hand in marriage, he tried to warn you saying I fall sick frequently. He just meant regular flu but did you ever imagine that time that I could face such scary illnesses like cancer, and you know the others?”

She continued, “I don't know if you regret it now, but I would choose you 100 times over as my life partner because the way you have stuck with me through everything, I don't think anyone could have.” Talking about their journey so far, Chhavi added, “Today, the bond is only getting stronger as we compete for 17 years of togetherness in a hospital while my pain is reducing and the annoyingly demanding me is coming back. Now that you know about my strengths and weaknesses, can I ask for your hand for the next 17 years too? And then we'll reassess the situation. What say? 

I love you, tall dark and handsome. Happy anniversary,” she wrote.

Chhavi Mittal was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier in April. And, within a week, she got the surgery done.