How Twinkle Khanna's Peace Was Shattered By Aarav And Nitara's "War Zone"

"Being a mom involves quick transitions," wrote Twinkle

How Twinkle Khanna's Peace Was Shattered By Aarav And Nitara's 'War Zone'

Twinkle Khanna shared this photo. (Image courtesy: twinklerkhanna)


  • Twinkle shared a set of photos on Thursday
  • One of the photos feature Aarav and Nitara getting into a fight
  • Twinkle also added this ROFL hashtag - #MamaMiaHereWeGoAgain
New Delhi:

Twinkle Khanna, on Thursday, decided to relax with her children Aarav and Nitara but her "peaceful" moment soon turned into a "war zone." The actress-turned-author posted a series of pictures to show how quicky she transitioned from "lazing peacefully on the grass" to being in the "midst of a war zone" after Aarav, 18, and Nitara, 8, got into a fight. The first photo features Twinkle and Aarav lying on different sheets laid out on the grass with a board game placed between them. In the second picture, Nitara can be seen joining her brother. The third image shows the siblings getting into a fight while Twinkle tries to stop them.

"Being a mom involves quick transitions - it's a matter of seconds before you go from lazing peacefully on the grass into the midst of a war zone!" wrote Twinkle Khanna in the caption and added this hilarious hashtag - #MamaMiaHereWeGoAgain.

Check it out:


Recently, in a video for Tweak India, her digital venture, Twinkle Khanna and her husband, actor Akshay Kumar, revealed that Aarav is the best chef in the house. Take a look at the Tweak India video, in which the couple made many more ROFL revelations:

Twinkle Khanna has featured in several films like International Khiladi, Baadshah, Yeh Hai Mumbai Meri Jaan, Uff! Yeh Mohabbat and Joru Ka Ghulam  before she switched careers to become a best-selling author. Twinkle, who is now an author, a columnist, an interior designer and a producer, married Akshay Kumar in the year 2001.