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Helicopter Eela Song Mumma Ki Parchai: Kajol, Just Chill Please

Kajol plays a single mother in Helicopter Eela

Helicopter Eela Song Mumma Ki Parchai: Kajol, Just Chill Please

Still from Mumma Ki Parchai (Courtesy YouTube)


  • "Every mom has the right to be a parchai of their child?" Kajol asked
  • Mumma Ki Parchai is the first song from Helicopter Eela to be released
  • The trailer released earlier this month
New Delhi:

As was seen in the trailer of Helicopter Eela, Kajol AKA Eela continues to be the single mother, who is a bit too involved in her college-going son's life in new song Mumma Ki Parchai. Eela actually perfectly defines the concept of a 'helicopter parent' and in this case, a 'helicopter mom' - Eela is an overprotective mother, who takes excessive interest in the life of her son and wants to monitor his every step (So what if he's going to college?). The song is a hilarious narration on the part of National Award-winning actor Riddhi Sen, who plays Eela's son Vivaan, as to how engrossed Eela is in his life. The song reveals, while Eela has no qualms about partying with Vivaan's friends, she also doesn't shy away from slapping Vivaan across the face in front of his friends or handing out a tiffin dabba to Vivaan during his audition sessions.

Vivaan, who plays a music enthusiast in the movie, sings out his story narrating how her mother is no less than his shadow and follows him everywhere - even to his rehearsals and PlayStation sessions. Sharing the song on Twitter, Kajol also posted a question to her fans: "Every mom has the right to be a parchai of their child? Yes or no?" she asked. Help her out please.

Earlier, the trailer revealed Eela takes admission in Vivaan's college and joins as his batchmate, and now, the song offers detailed glimpses of how Vivaan appears troubled with his mom as his classmate and how relaxed Eela is, now that she gets to be with Vivaan round the clock.

Composed by Amit Trivedi, the song has been sung by Ronit Sarkar. Watch Mumma Ki Parchai here.

Directed by Pradeep Sarkar (who helmed Mardaani and Parineeta), Helicopter Eela also stars Tota Roy Chowdhury and Neha Dhupia in key roles. Helicopter Eela is arriving in theatres on September 7, following which Kajol will be seen in a cameo role in SRK's Zero, releasing on December 21.