Farah Khan Reveals Doctor Advised Her To "Reduce" One Baby When She Conceived Triplets At 43

Farah Khan welcomed triplets Czar, Anya, and Diva in 2008

Farah Khan Reveals Doctor Advised Her To 'Reduce' One Baby When She Conceived Triplets At 43

Farah Khan shared this image. (courtesy: farahkhankunder)

New Delhi:

Choreographer-director Farah Khan recently spoke about her journey to motherhood. She also opened up about the challenges and joys of delivering triplets through IVF in 2008 with her husband Shirish Kunder. In a conversation with Nova IVF Fertility, Farah Khan shared how she turned to manifestation while reading The Secret, hoping for a pregnancy after struggling to conceive naturally. Farah said that she and Shirish had already chosen names for their children before learning they were expecting triplets. She shared, "Me and Shirish started talking about kids and what we want to name them and how they will be and all that. When the doctor called I was 100 percent sure that we were going to be pregnant and she said, 'Listen, Farah, don't jump too high, I want you to be calm, you are pregnant but don't get your hopes up but it is multiple pregnancies'."

Farah Khan recounted the shock of discovering her multiple pregnancies and the difficult decision she faced due to her age. Advised by her doctor to "reduce" one child because of the risks associated with her age, Farah said that she bravely chose to proceed with the triplets and delivered her three bundles of joy - Czar, Anya, and Diva in 2008. "At ten days she (the doctor) called me and she said that it's triplets, and I said, 'Haan, I just knew it doc'. Of course we were too excited and the doctor gave us a reality check and said that we'd have to reduce one because normally most twins start out as triplets. She said that you're going to be 43 when the children come and it's not good for you. Your stomach is great, your lining is fab but three children is a big risk and one child can be really small," Farah said.

Talking about the playful banter in her household, Farah Khan shared how her children jokingly tease her about the doctor's advice to "reduce" one of them. Farah revealed, "The doctor gave me the worst case scenario, but I was like, 'Doctor, you tell me what you need, how big you want each child to be.' So she said that safely they should be two kilos each. I said I'll make sure that they are over and above that. You will not believe my kids were two and a half kilos each. So, I was literally carrying seven and a half kilos and roaming. I was like I am not going to reduce one child, and now my children have games like, 'You should have reduced that one, the doctor told you you should have removed one child.'"