Face Painting Looks Good On Angad Bedi, Courtesy Daughter Mehr. See Neha Dhupia's Post

Mehr surely bags some brownie points for managing to make art all while saving paper

Face Painting Looks Good On Angad Bedi, Courtesy Daughter Mehr. See Neha Dhupia's Post

Neha Dhupia shared this photo (courtesy nehadhupia)


  • Neha Dhupia shared glimpses of daughter Mehr's art session
  • "No paper was wasted during this art session," she wrote
  • Neha and Angad were Mehr's "preferred canvas"
New Delhi:

A raw artistic expression among painters usually warrants an abundant stock of stationery, especially paper. But not when it comes to actress Neha Dhupia's little one. Mehr Dhupia Bedi has been freely exploring her artistic passions in the lockdown without using any paper or canvas. After all, why would the little one need paper when her own parents are the most gorgeous art canvases that she could test her skills on, right? In an absolutely adorable Instagram post, Neha Dhupia and her husband, actor Angad Bedi are seen to be gorgeously smeared in colour, courtesy of the very promising artistic skills of their two-year-old Mehr. While Mehr painted her mother's hands a stunning blue, she chose a lovely brick red for her father's cheeks and forehead. 

Neha's caption is the icing on the cake, "We promise you no paper was wasted during this art session...Mehr Dhupia Bedi's preferred canvas, mama's hands and daddy's face". We don't know about you, but we certainly feel paper and canvases simply cannot match the stunning Dhupia-Bedi couple when it comes to supporting their daughter's artistic needs. And brownie points to Mehr for managing to make art all while saving paper.

Mehr is no stranger to Neha Dhupia's 4.6 million-strong Instagram following. Along with her father, Mehr is a regular star in Neha Dhupia's Instagram posts. For instance, take a look at this image which spells ultimate family picture goals. 

You also cannot miss this photo of the father and daughter bonding over some sunglasses and much-needed rest.

 Oh, and we have no shame in admitting that we are still obsessing over Neha's "Monday Mood" video of Mehr trying to get out of bed. Same Mehr, same. 

We can't wait to see all that is in store for Mehr's burgeoning career as an artist. Till then, here's hoping she keeps blessing our Instagram feeds for years and years to come. 

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