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Brahmastra: For The Internet, Only One Actor Can Play Dev - "We Want Ranbir Kapoor"

"Happy 1st Birthday, Brahmastra," Ayan Mukerji wrote

Brahmastra: For The Internet, Only One Actor Can Play Dev - 'We Want Ranbir Kapoor'

Stills from Ayan Mukerji's video. (courtesy: ayan_mukerji)

New Delhi:

Welcome to Ayan Mukerji's astraverse. The filmmaker, on Saturday morning, shared an update on the Brahmastra trilogy. As the first part of the film clocked 1 year, he shared a video, which had snippets from the first installment. The video was captioned, "Celebrating 1 years of Brahmastra. On 9th September 2022, we introduced you to the world of Astras." The video ends with glimpses of Dev and Amrita's characters (faces still haven't been revealed yet). The text "Brahmastra part 2 and 3 development in progress" flashes on screen. Posting the video on Instagram, Ayan Mukerji wrote, "Happy 1st Birthday, Brahmastra! Thank you for all the creativity, all the Hard work, and for all the Lessons in Film-making, and in Life. PS.: Will share some early artwork from the next stage of the Brahmastra journey in a bit."

As of now it hasn't been revealed which actors will play Dev and Amrita but the Internet seems to have picked their favourites already. "Ranbir and Deepika as Dev and Amrita is a need of the moment Sir please," wrote a user. Another added, "Dev should be Ranbir only." Another one added, "Give Deepika as Amrita and Ranbir as Dev please I beg you." Another comment read, "Bring part 2 soon! RK as DEV, that's non-negotiable. All the best." Another fan added, "Ranbir as Dev." Inputs from another fan, "Ranbir Dev hona chaiye." Similar thoughts echoed, "Want Ranbir as Dev."

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The film's producer Karan Johar too posted a video and he wrote, "Today we mark and celebrate one year of this labor of love. Truly, one story that is told with the heart and soul. An army of people giving in their best to showcase nothing short of magic on the big screen. The power of love & light will continue to shine bright."

In the first leg of the Astra universe of films, Ranbir Kapoor's character Shiva was a missing puzzle of the mighty Brahmastra. He was represented by the element fire. Amitabh Bachchan and Nagarjuna featured as the protectors of a secret society called 'Brahmansh', which protected the mighty Brahmastra. Alia Bhatt played Ranbir Kapoor's love interest Isha in the film, while Mouni Roy represented the dark forces that wished to attain the Brahmastra.

In the film, SRK's character Mohan Bhargav was a scientist, who doubled up as the protector of the Brahmastra. He also possessed the Vanar Astra, which granted him speed and agility. Nagarjuna was the master of the Nandiastra, which gave him the power of a thousand bulls.