Bigg Boss OTT: Nishant Bhat And Divya Agarwal Fight Over Food

Nishant Bhat And Divya Agarwal just can't stop fighting

Bigg Boss OTT: Nishant Bhat And Divya Agarwal Fight Over Food

Nishant Bhat in a still from the show. (courtesy voot)


  • Divya said she was not informed about the swapped duties
  • She added that it was supposed to be Shamita's duty
  • Nishant got furious after the breakfast was delayed
New Delhi:

Tempers are running high on Bigg Boss OTT and it is understandable, given that celebrities who are strangers to each other are stuck in a house under seemingly challenging conditions. This could perhaps explain why contestants Nishant Bhat and Divya Agarwal were seen engaging in a war of words over a delay in breakfast being served. While this may seem to be a trivial issue, both Nishant and Divya did not hold back from expressing their views, albeit in the form of a heated argument. In a video shared on Voot, the streaming platform, Nishant can be seen complaining to Divya, who is the current Boss Lady.

He tells her that breakfast has not been prepared yet and as captain, it is her responsibility. Reacting to this, Divya says that while duties were assigned, contestants swapped them without informing her about it. “Sorry, but aapko puchna chahiye tha as captain (You should have asked as captain),” Nishant says, to which Divya explains that she was already asleep while decisions were made to change the duties.

However, Nishant who is in no mood to back down says, “Par hum kyu bhookey rahe?(But why should we stay hungry?)” Divya replies, “Shamita (Shetty) ki duty thi. Usko bolo. Mujhse mat lad (It was Shamita's duty. Ask her. Don't fight with me),” as Shamita Shetty is seen cleaning the area with a nonchalant expression.

To this Nishant Bhat says, “ Merko bhook lagi hai.Abhi tak naashta nahi mila hai. (I'm hungry. I haven't got breakfast yet). Divya, I'm hungry. I need food. I can't eat watermelons.”

Divya Agarwal says in a raised voice, “Meri galti nahi hai. Agar koi duties exchange kar rahe hai toh aake bolna chahiye na. Logon ko yaha par baat nahi karni hai (It is not my fault. If people are swapping duties, they should inform. But no one even wants to talk here.)”

The fallout of this argument continued in the form of rising tension between Shamita Shetty, Neha Bhasin and Akshara Singh, Divya Agarwal. In a video shared on Instagram, Shamita and Neha can be seen resting on a couch in the kitchen area, while Divya and Akshara are cooking.

The clip begins with Neha asking, “ Aur aata kya hai karna? (What else do you know?) To this Divya says, “Khaana banana aata hai. Nakhre nahi karne aate. Apna muh band rakhna, Neha. (I know how to cook. Don't know how to act pricey. You keep your mouth shut, Neha.)” 

Akshara further says, “Aapko pair kholke baitna aata hai (You know how to sit with your legs apart),” referring to Neha's feet being placed on the table. However, Shamita is quick to tell off Akshara for making such a statement given that it can be perceived as disrespectful. This is followed by Shamita and Akshara calling out each other's “mentality”.

Bigg Boss OTT is being hosted by director Karan Johar and is a spinoff of the reality show Bigg Boss.