Arhaan Khan's College Photo Dump Has Rumoured Girlfriend Rasha Thadani's Attention

Arhaan Khan is Arbaaz Khan and Malaika Aroras son

Arhaan Khan's College Photo Dump Has Rumoured Girlfriend Rasha Thadani's Attention

Arhaan Khan shared this image. (courtesy: iamarhaankhan)

New Delhi:

Malaika Arora's son Arhaan Khan's post-college dump has everyone talking. The 21-year-old studied filmmaking in the United States. In the pictures, Arhaan is having a blast with his friends at the post-graduation party. Sharing the album on Instagram, Arhaan wrote, “College post-credit scenes [graduation hat emoji].” The photos became an instant hit on social media. But there was one comment in particular that stole everyone's attention. We are talking about Rasha Thadani's reply. She commented, "Congratulations". She also reacted to Alizeh Agnihotri's comment “Damn, I got emotional”, Rasha dropped LOL and Woman Facepalming emojis. FYI: Rasha and Arhaan are rumoured to be dating. Oh, and, Alizeh and Arhaan are cousins. Now, let us focus on the remaining comments. Arhaan's mother Malaika Arora dropped a black heart under the post. His aunt, actress Amrita Arora simply wrote, “Handsome.” 

Arhaan Khan is Arbaaz Khan and Malaika Arora's son. After 19 years, the two got divorced in 2017. Arhaan has recently launched his podcast show Dumb Biryani. During one of the episodes, Arhaan and Malaika Arora got candid about their equation. The fitness icon also revealed that Arhaan's “mannerisms” are just like his father's. When Arhaan quizzed her, “What are the traits I have from my dad that you like and dislike?” To this, Malaika said, “Your mannerisms are just like him…just like him. It is shocking how similar (the two are). Even the way you do all of these things (while gesturing—scratching ear and head).”

Interrupting Malaika Arora, Arhaan Khan said, “Just because I scratched my ear, you are saying this.” To which Malaika said, “No, but you do. It is a fact. The way you twitch. All your mannerisms are just like your dad's. Everything. They are not very attractive mannerisms. But they are just like your dad. You are very… your dad has the same traits, which is… he is a very fair and just person, in the sense that he is able to… he never goes overboard about things. He is very clear about certain things and that trait you have.”