This Article is From Sep 22, 2015

Aamir Khan Tweeted Dangal First Look, and That Means Twitter Jokes

Aamir Khan Tweeted Dangal First Look, and That Means Twitter Jokes

Aamir Khan photographed in Mumbai.

New Delhi: Actor Aamir Khan's face is literally mud in the first look of new film Dangal he tweeted on Monday and while it didn't send the nation reeling as his first poster of PK did, it did have social media sniggering. Since Twitter finds anything Aamir hard to resist these days, cue the jokes. (Also Read - First Look: A Very Muddy Aamir Khan in Dangal)

As you cannot possibly fail to know by now, 50-year-old Aamir now weighs 95 kilos and is playing wrestler Mahavir Phogat, which explains the mud (or does it?) (Also Read: Aamir Khan's 95 Dangal Kilos Are Giving Him Real Trouble)

Twitter quips included this one from comedian Kanan Gill:

Do you still want that ice cream then? More jokes:

Several references were made to Aamir's weepiness while watching films (other people's):

Don't be so sure about that:

We believe we might be able to help with the above question. In an interview to Hindustan Times last week, Aamir said, "I read all the jokes. I was reading them and laughing. I don't remember the jokes now, but there were some really good ones. I quite enjoyed all the attention." (Also Read: Aamir Khan Explains His Katti Batti Tears, Bajrangi Bhaijaan Towel)

He meant the jibes about the bucketfuls he wept while watching Salman Khan's Bajrangi Bhaijaan and his nephew Imran Khan's new film Katti Batti. (Also Read: Aamir Khan Cried and Cried in Katti Batti. Twitter Found This Hilarious)

Jokes apart, Dangal is now filming in Ludhiana and will release next year. It will be Aamir's first film since 2014's blockbuster PK.