Bengaluru Police Arrest 2 For Attacks on Africans

Bengaluru Police Arrest 2 For Attacks on Africans

CCTV footage of locals chasing and allegedly beating the Africans.


Two men have been arrested in connection with the assault on Ivory Coast nationals in Bengaluru on Monday night. While Vijay Kumar and Ramesh have been arrested while two other men have been detained and their connection the assault is being examined.

On Monday night, a man from Ivory Coast had gone to the police station to say that he had been injured after stones were thrown at him. CCTV footage also emerged of an attack in a restaurant with a man being hit with chairs.

The victims of the attack did not want to lodge a formal police complaint and the police took up the case suo moto.

Despite its cosmopolitan reputation, Bengaluru had seen earlier attacks on students from both Africa and the north east of India. The latest attack has left the city with some very uneasy questions about its attitudes.

Many say that this is a very rare case and that the city remains welcoming. But one attack like this, is one attack too many.