No Thank You: 5 Pieces of Marriage Advice from Indian Aunties We Could Do Without

No Thank You: 5 Pieces of Marriage Advice from Indian Aunties We Could Do Without

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Marriage advice is almost every Indian aunty's birth right (or so they think). They have so much gyan to share on the topic, you'd want to call her Dr Aunty ji. (Because you know, it's like she has a PhD on the subject.) If it were up to them, no young person in the world should ever be single.

Most Indian aunties will gladly tell you when and who you should marry along with what all you need to do to make the whole affair bigger and better. And it doesn't matter if you want their advice or not. You'll get it anyway.

So this one's for all those irritating aunties: NO THANK YOU

Here are five of the most annoying pieces of advice from Indian aunties:

1. It's the right age for you to get married now.
Most Indian aunties think age is the only contributing factor when it comes to marriage. They don't think falling in love or having a good job or being independent or maturity or even basic human will matter in making this lifelong commitment. Shaadi = Khushali



2. I know just the "right" person for you.
Doesn't matter if you're interested or not; you just have to meet her distant-cousin's-uncle's-neighbor's-sister's-friend's niece or nephew who she knows nothing about. Again, your choice in the matter is completely disregarded. And God forbid if you're in a relationship with someone. Because that just means you're ruining your life and wasting your time.



3. It's high time you lost/gained some weight.
Now that they've found you your Mr/Miss Perfect it's time to make you said person's Miss/Mr Perfect as well. So they'll share with you a whole long list of what you should and shouldn't eat because for most Indian aunties your size is never perfect. Thanks for the body image issues, aunty ji.



4. You know what you can try to look nicer...
They will also share many desi nuskaas to help you make your skin and hair look better. She will also tell you when to wake up, when to sleep, how many glasses of water you should drink, how you should put on your make up, how it's time for you to stop wearing your glasses and more. Just keep quiet and listen to her. Unhe hakk hai.



5. You should learn how to cook
The one thing that almost all Indian aunties agree on is that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. So they will coax you into taking up cooking lessons so you can be the biwi and bahu of the century and keep your man and his family happy ever after.


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