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Where to Buy Testosterone Online in US? [Top-5 Best Brands Reviewed]

In this post, we gatekeep nothing and tell all about testosterone replacement therapy with testosterone cypionate, its benefits for your health, and particularly your physique and athletic performance.

Where to Buy Testosterone Online in US? [Top-5 Best Brands Reviewed]

Before You Buy Testosterone Cypionate Online

Testosterone deficiency is not a fun thing to live with. Feeling sluggish, losing once luscious hair, gaining body fat, and hardly growing any muscle mass — all these are the symptoms of low testosterone levels.

So what do you do if you notice some of these things happening to you? Well, start researching testosterone therapy. And you're already on the article you need to be!

In this post, we gatekeep nothing and tell all about testosterone replacement therapy with testosterone cypionate, its benefits for your health, and particularly your physique and athletic performance.

But if you've landed on this page because you already know what you're looking for, we've got 2 nice bonuses for you! One is our trusty online store where you can buy testosterone online — And the other is $10 OFF on your first order on their website with the code TESTO. Today's your lucky day, huh?

And for those looking for more information before making the purchase, let's get into what testosterone injections of cypionate are.

What is Testosterone Cypionate?

Testosterone cypionate, commonly called test C, is a synthetic testosterone ester with immense anabolic effects. So basically, it is an injectable anabolic steroid that converts into free testosterone when it enters the body.

Compared to some other test esters, testosterone injections of cypionate are long-acting, which means they raise your low testosterone levels for a longer period of time, hence without causing a rapid hormonal spike.

Testosterone Cypionate Benefits

Testosterone esters are some of the most beneficial juices used for testosterone replacement therapy because of their formula, which is close to our body's natural testosterone. So, what kind of boost can you expect on a testosterone prescription?

Here are the benefits you can see while being on testosterone cypionate:

  • faster and easier muscle mass growth
  • strength boost
  • more active body fat burning
  • reduced muscle fatigue and regeneration time
  • higher energy levels
  • better mood and overall well-being

And another test C hormone therapy benefit is low testosterone spikes due to the product's slow release in the body.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)

Testosterone cypionate is often used in testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).

Besides athletic benefits, medical treatment with testosterone therapy can also be mandatory if you have testosterone deficiency. If that is the case, you may experience low testosterone symptoms like mood swings, increased anxiety and depression, baldness, poor erectile function and infertility, brain fog, and overall weakness.

After you do a blood test to measure your low testosterone levels and get diagnosed, you will have an administration protocol developed for testosterone injections therapy.

While it will take some time to notice any improvements in how you feel and look, you'll gradually get better sleep, have more energy, grow your body and head hair, lose excess fat, and increase muscle mass, especially if you work out. Your other health-related conditions, like infertility and erectile dysfunction, will improve as well.

Of course, men can get on testosterone replacement therapy for performance purposes solely, whether you're an athlete or a competing bodybuilder. And here you can expect a massive boost in how far you can push your body in terms of strength, performance, and physique.

Testosterone for Sale - Top 5 Best Brands & Products Reviewed

So many brands offer anabolic steroids for sale, especially something as go-to as testosterone cypionate. But how do you find test C that would be of amazing quality, reasonable price, and fast reach?

Let us introduce you to today's market's top 5 testosterone cypionate brands! Along with a brief overview of how they've made it to this rating, a place to get them, and a generous discount for our readers.

#1. Pharmacom Testosterone Cypionate for sale - Editor's Choice

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  • Quantity: 250 mg/ml
  • Pack: 10 ml vial

Pharmacom's Test C is our well-deserved winner in this list. Its established reputation as an experienced pharma manufacturer and years on the market have led the brand to boast products of astonishing quality. For example, Phramacom's test C has 98.5% ingredient purity, which gives you an A-class anabolic steroid!

Of course, the huge popularity of the brand's products among consumers has also caused the rise of scammers. That's why you should check the details of the product you get. An authentic Pharmacom product has a clear brand logo, holograms, and a unique code that is verifiable at

To be safe with purchasing authentic test C from Pharmacom, you only need to find a legit steroid store that sells the brand's products. And we've found the one for you!

Get your test C from and use the code TESTO to get $10 OFF your first purchase!

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#2. Spectrum Pharma Testosterone Cypionate for sale - Runner-Up

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  • Quantity: 200 mg/ml
  • Pack: 10 ampoules x 1 ml

Spectrum Pharma is another successful brand in the pharma market, positioned at second place in our list. Spectrum is known for its high-quality products, including anabolic steroids for sale, that are available in the United States.

Spectrum Pharma takes care of its consumers and wants you to enjoy pharmaceutical products of great quality — that's why it offers product verification at

And just like our winning brand's anabolic steroids, Spectrum's original products are identifiable by quality packaging, logo, and embossed lettering on the packaging.

Buy testosterone cypionate online from via domestic USA shipping and get a $10 OFF deal on your first order with the code TESTO.

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#3. Magnus Test C for sale - Best Price

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  • Quantity: 250 mg/ml
  • Pack: 10 ml vial

Magnus Pharmaceuticals occupies the middle place in this rating with its testosterone cypionate ester for the best price — you get an amazing price-to-quality ratio with this one!

Similarly to other popular brands in the niche, like our rating leaders Pharmacom and Scprectum Pharma, Magnus offers distinctive product elements like a unique code verifiable at so that you don't get scammed while shopping for their anabolic androgenic steroids and particularly, making online testosterone purchases.

At, test C from Magnus Pharmaceuticals is available for domestic delivery across the US, so you can get your pack within just several days.

Besides fast domestic shipping, you can also get a $10 DISCOUNT on this product if it's your first order at A-SteroidShop — just apply the code TESTO at the checkout!

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#4. ZPHC Testosterone Cypionate - Famous Manufacturer

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  • Quantity: 200 mg/ml
  • Pack: 10 ml vial

Another manufacturer of injectable testosterone treatment to consider (and one you've probably heard of) is ZPHC. Stunning quality, amazing price, and reliable anti-counterfeit system — what else can you ask for when looking to legally buy testosterone online?

ZPHC offers product verification at, since scammers hunt for this brand's customers. And while this is a slippery slope for you as a customer, the scams are very much proof of the brand's reputation as a successful pharma manufacturer.

Just like test C from the other brands we're discussing, you can find testosterone injections from ZPHC at Note that the vials contain 200 mg/ml of active substance compared to 250 mg/ml in the previous products, so you may need more packs to meet your administration protocol.

Remember that our readers get a generous deal of $10 OFF your first purchase with the code TESTO at!

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#5. Magnus Testo Mix 400 - Best Value

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  • Quantity: 400 mg/ml
  • Pack: 10 ml vial

Testo Mix 400 is an alternative to the test C products we've listed above, made by the trusted Magnus Pharmaceuticals. It consists of different injectable testosterone esters, combining the benefits of slow- and fast-releasing components. As a result, you get a continuous strong anabolic boost in your system, driving you to a never-seen-before look and performance.

Testo Mix 400 is for athletes looking for a dope more potent than test C but still testosterone-based — Magnus has you covered with this one!

This product is available at a-steroidshop.WS with $10 OFF via the code TESTO for your first purchase. By buying testosterone online at A-SteroidShop, you'll save your cash and time since Testo Mix 400 can be shipped fast with the store's domestic US delivery!

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Testosterone Cypionate Cycle for Bodybuilding

The dose you take during your cycle of test C depends on your medical history and experience with doping. For example, if it's your first cycle, you may be recommended to take lower doses and vice versa.

Overall, test C is typically administered to250 mg/day every 3 days for 12 weeks. This means you have to use 1 vial for your testosterone injections. But beware of the dose you get in a single vial — sometimes test C comes in 200 mg/ml per vial while others give you a 250 mg/ml dose.

Women, in turn, don't take test C for anabolic benefits as often as men, but we can still see a healthcare provider prescribe testosterone to females. However, the protocol will most likely administer much lower doses of the active substance.

Be sure to follow the administration protocol you get, though. Exceeding the prescribed testosterone dosage or cycle length can cause serious side effects, so better not to do that. You'll get those amazing gains with your set protocol anyway, so no need to rush through the process!

Buy Testosterone Cypionate for Bodybuilding

Looking for testosterone online can be a struggle since there are so many scamming websites selling fake or low-quality anabolic steroids. But we've used our experience in the niche to find a trustworthy store where you can get your testosterone injections. has a great reputation proven by numerous positive reviews from customers, which you can find on review websites online. Besides, they sell original products of high quality ONLY and offer fast delivery across the US. So your search for a reliable AAS online store is over with!

For our readers, the store offers a $10 DEAL on any products in your first order. Enter the code TESTO at the checkout and enjoy your successful beginning of testosterone therapy!

Testosterone Cypionate Cycle PCT

PCT, post-cycle therapy, is an essential part of any anabolic steroids cycle. The goal of PCT is to speed up the process of balancing your hormones to their natural testosterone levels after your cycle so that you don't have to go through all the drawbacks of waiting until your body figures it out on its own.

Test C PCT administration consists of 2 drugs, Clomid and Nolvadex, that you have to take for a month after your cycle ends. Here is the protocol to follow:

  • Nolvadex: 50 mg twice a day (30 days)
  • Clomid: 10 mg twice a day (20 days)

These drugs target your reproductive hormones that were affected by your cycle and help your body with hormone optimization.

Testosterone Injections Side Effects

Injectable testosterone cypionate is one of the safest anabolic drugs because it mostly replicates the structure of natural testosterone production. But as with any anabolic steroids, it may cause some side effects.

Here are some of the side effects you can experience during or after your cycle:

  • acne
  • hair loss
  • changes in the size of the prostate

These changes are linked to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the level of which grows along with that of testosterone.

Additionally, women on the test C cycle can notice virilization (developing male characteristics like voice deepening).

Lastly, you can also experience fluid retention while taking testosterone injections.

How to Prevent These Side Effects?

The way you'll approach side effect prevention and management will differ depending on the particular side effect. For example, hitting your daily water intake will help you reduce bloating as well as decrease fluid retention and the associated weight gain.

As for the side effects DHT causes, you will have to take DHT-blockers like Finasteride. This is a widespread drug prescribed to treat male pattern baldness. It will also help to reduce sebum production, which causes acne to occur. Besides, be sure to shower regularly, including after your workouts, to make sure you get rid of all the gunk and sweat.

Lastly, virilization is not something women can avoid completely when taking test C. But keeping your cycle at low testosterone doses will help you get all the benefits while decreasing your virilization chance.

Which Brand Do We Recommend?

Now that you know the top 5 brands to buy testosterone from, you can make up your mind on which one to go for. You can weigh your options and dive deeper into each brand, but if you don't want to do that, go for Pharmacom's testosterone treatment — it's the best out there.

Especially if it's your first time trying test C or hormone therapy in general, you'd want to have a great experience. And a brand like Pharmacom will give you that!

Aside from astonishing product quality and ingredient purity that comes in Pharmacom's test C, Anavar for sale and other steroid, you also get fast domestic US shipping and a deal on your first order at a-steroidshop.WS! Apply the code TESTO at the checkout and buy testosterone online with $10 OFF.

Our #1 Recommendation: Pharmacom Testosterone Cypionate

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Testosterone cypionate is an amazing anabolic steroid that gives you strength, muscle growth, body fat shred, increased energy, and many other benefits. But to get visible results in your performance, physique, and health, you have to take high-quality testosterone treatment.

Pharmacom's Testosterone Cypionate is an A-class AAS made of the purest ingredients for you to enjoy and empower your body. The brand is a well-established company in the pharma market that manufactures authentic products you can verify online.

Whether you're just starting with doping, want to extend your experience with it further, or need hormone therapy to fix your low testosterone levels, Pharmacom's test C is the perfect fit for you!

Look no further than — our trusty store to legally buy testosterone online.

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