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Pass A Hair Drug Test: Old Style Aloe Rid Detox Shampoo & Macujo Method Review

Whats the best detox shampoo to pass hair follicle drug tests with, and can you use it on your own? Read here to know all the details.

Pass A Hair Drug Test: Old Style Aloe Rid Detox Shampoo & Macujo Method Review

In this Macujo method review, I'm going to tell you how to use old style Aloe rid detox shampoo as part of it to pass a hair follicle drug test.

I'll give you the exact Macujo method, including the hair detox shampoo you need, which you can check out right here if you want to get ahead:

  • Buy old style aloe toxin rid shampoo

I will cover the full method in detail, and what you can do if you are facing an unusual situation like a hair drug test at short notice. I'll even tell you what to do if you don't have hair on your head to sample.

Plus, I'll tell you about the hair detox shampoos for hair follicle drug tests that don't work, and also about the Macujo method alternative called the Jerry G method, which can work but that I really don't recommend you use.

Put all that together, and this is more than just a Macujo method review. It's everything you need to know to understand hair drug testing, the different ways you can pass, and the pitfalls you need to avoid to stand the best chance of doing so

Why The Hair Follicle Drug Test Is So Dangerous

Passing a urine drug test is relatively easy. But hair follicle testing is different.People ask a lot of questions about hair drug testing online which betrays how little knowledge most people facing one have about them.

You'll get questions like, how far back does a hair drug test go, and what can interfere with hair follicle tests?

I'm really sorry to tell you this but there's a nasty shock for you right here. The hair strand test is pretty much impossible to fool. You can't just run something through your hair and magically get rid of the toxins, it's simply not possible because of what actually happens to drug metabolites.

When you take drugs of any type, they get into your bloodstream. The metabolites get trapped in the hair follicles within the scalp.

Once they are trapped, as the hair grows, they grow out within the hair. So they are literally underneath the hard cuticle layer (a protective layer of micro scale is that keeps the hair flexible and unprotected). They are right there inside your hair and there's no way you can just wash them out.

It doesn't matter what single thing you use; you cannot get that cuticle layer open to flush out every drug toxin from every hair shaft.

How Hair Drug Testing Works

At its most basic, you simply go along the test center where they will collect a few dozen hair samples from your head. Under analysis, it's trimmed to the correct length and then the hair follicle is opened up and it's analyzed.

You cannot get around hair drug testing by shaving your head, or thinking you're exempt because you are bald. Hair grows all over your body and at a slower rate elsewhere. So the same sample will be in a shorter length of hair on the body compared to a longer hair on your head.

Don't even think about shaving your body either. That's obviously ridiculously suspicious, and not only were they probably failing you immediately, but you'd then probably have to do a fully observed urine test instead. If you're going to pass a hair drug test, you mustn't arouse suspicion.


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How Long Do Drugs Stay In Your Hair?

One of the biggest misconceptions about hair drug testing is how long you can be detected after taking drugs using a hair follicle test.

The big problem is that drugs stay in your hair for the length of time the hair is on your body. Until you cut the hair off, or it falls out, it could be sampled and the drugs would be found within the hair shaft.

That's not the whole story though. Legally, they are only allowed to sample your most recent 90 days history. That's the legal amount of time in the USA anyway, but it might vary around the world.

That means that the sample they take from your head has to be cut to a length equivalent to 90 days growth, 1.5 inches, before it's tested.

So what's in your hair beyond the 1.5 inches closest to the scalp is irrelevant because they can't test it. All that matters is if you have taken drugs in the previous 90 days.

Therefore, a hair detox shampoo could be your solution for a successful drug test. In this regard, hair detox shampoos can be your best friend for the ultimate hair detox method. Some of the best detox shampoos in the market are Aloe toxin rid shampoo and Zydot ultra clean hair follicle shampoo.

Detox Shampoo For Hair Drug Test Success: What Actually Works?

So what does work? What's the best detox shampoo to pass hair follicle drug tests with, and can you use it on your own?

The unfortunate answer is that there is not a single shampoo product out there that can open up the cuticle layer and flush out the toxins on its own. There is no lazy way out of this involves a quick wash of the hair with some regular shampoo.

Some aloe vera shampoos are good at getting rid of all the stray toxins loose on the outside of your hair and scalp, and they can help to stop stray toxins after you have cleaned out messing up the test, but on their own, they are not good enough to open up the cuticle layer and flush out the stubborn toxins inside the hair follicles.

The Best Hair Detox Shampoo To Pass A Hair Follicle Drug Test

Literally, the only shampoo that will help you to pass a hair follicle drug test is called old-style Aloe Toxin Rid detox shampoo. Here's its story so you understand why it's so good, and what it can actually do for you.

Nexxus is a company that still makes shampoo. About 20 years ago they made shampoo called Aloe Rid shampoo.

It was a clarifying shampoo that was high in strength, and was designed to get rid of harsh environmental chemicals, so is ideal for people like swimmers and people who worked in heavy industry.

People began to realize that it could be used for hair follicle tests. It had the ability to open up some of the cuticle layer and flush out drug toxins. In conjunction with other ingredients, it was capable of passing a hair drug test.

Then, Nexxus changed the formula. They made it milder due to complaints about scalp irritation.

This led to an underground, and frankly crazy, marketplace for this old shampoo formula. Genuine bottles were going for around $300 on eBay, and fakes were going for the same.

Let me tell you clearly, not one single bottle of the original Nexxus Aloe Rid hair detox shampoo exists now. The supplies dried up years ago.

Fast forward 15 years, and a company called Test Clear recreated the formula and now sell it as old style Aloe Toxin Rid shampoo. It's definitely by far and away the best hair detox shampoo to pass a hair follicle drug test, and simply cannot be matched.

Testclear is a well known brand for selling detox products, such as Toxin Rid THC detox pills, Toxin Wash for mouthswab test and Testclear powdered urine kit for regular urine drug tests.


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Stay Clear Of These Poor Quality Drug Detox Shampoo Products

Old style Aloe Rid shampoo is literally the only product capable of helping to flush out chemical buildup from within the hair shaft.

All other hair detoxifying shampoos can, at best, clear up stray toxins on your hair and scalp, so you don't get caught out by some very recent drug use of your own, or coming into contact with something. But for heavy drug users, it's extremely risky.

But please avoid poor quality drug detox shampoos completely:

  • High voltage detox shampoo
  • STAT hair detox shampoo
  • Magnum detox shampoo
  • Macujo Aloe Rid shampoo

I want to focus on the last one because it's important. On eBay and Amazon you can buy a product called Macujo Aloe Rid shampoo, which is described as an “clarifying hair follicle detox shampoo”.

It's an inner smart bottle, and has all the right words on it to make you think that this is the real deal Macujo shampoo.

This stuff isn't cheap, costing $180. But it's just a complete scam. Its just normal shampoo with some aloe vera put into a bottle with the Macujo name and details on it, so that people think it's old-style Aloe toxin rid, and blow their money.

The Jerry G Method Without Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo & Why You Shouldn't Use It

I've talked about the Macujo method, but there is another method you may read about that is called the Jerry G method.

Just like the Macujo method, the Jerry G method uses several ingredients that work together in steps to open up the cuticle layer of the hair shaft, flush out toxins, and then shut them up again.

The Jerry G method doesn't use old-style Aloe Toxin Rid, and is therefore considerably cheaper.

But here's the big problem. It uses very harsh ingredients which can burn the scalp and damage the hair. There's a lot of ammonia and bleach involved.

Not just temporarily damaging either, as some people have destroyed some of their hair follicles using this method, leaving them with patchy hair growth.

Plus, you have to use hair dye. So imagine suddenly turning up for a hair drug test with completely freshly dyed hair, after going for a job interview a few days before with totally different colored hair! It's obviously hugely suspicious, even if your hair survives.

So don't get tempted because it's cheap. It's very harsh, and it's also not as effective as the Macujo method review.

Macujo Method Review: The Best Hair Follicle Detox Method

The Macujo method works because of the combination of ingredients it uses to get your hair clean for a hair follicle drug test.

The chemicals that are used in combination have the ability to open up the cuticle layer of the hair shaft. Once that's open, the drug toxins can be removed with the correct product, which is old style Aloe Toxin Rid shampoo. It contains natural ingredients and works perfectly for sensitive skin.

It certainly works, and Macujo method user reviews attest to that:

“This method really works and I passed a hair follicle drug test for employment three months ago. I use delta9 Gummies because they help me to relax and sleep. But in my state, they aren't legal, which means I would struggle with employment. Macujo method with the old-style Aloe rid really worked, but it is labor-intensive and you'll have to take a ton of time in the week leading up to your test.”

“This really works, best method hands down and me and my hubby both passed our hair drug tests. Working at the same company together is stressful enough, but management have annual testing and this year it was announced it would be hair drug testing rather than urine drug testing. We are casual weed smokers and should we lose our jobs because of that? No way! Macujo method was run through by us both six times in seven days and we both passed fine”

But what about me? I'm writing this for you to pass on the information, but what's my story?

Well, I've only used the Macujo method once because I've always faced urine drug testing and it's been really easy to just submit a fake sample of Sub Solution synthetic urine.

But one time three years ago, I was told it would be a hair drug test for a new role within my company, a promotion internally.

I researched and quickly dismissed the Jerry G method due to its harshness on the scalp and hair.

So, that left the Macujo method. Test Clear old style Aloe Toxin Rid shampoo is expensive, but the company has a great track record, and I already used Sub Solution and trusted the company.

To apply the Macujo method, I first had to wet my hair and use a regular shampoo to cleanse it. I then used the Aloe Toxin Rid shampoo to detoxify my hair. Afterward, I had to wash my hair thoroughly to ensure no residues were left behind.

I ran through the Macujo method once per day for the full seven days that are recommended.

It's hard work, and you have to set aside about 90 minutes each day to do it, but it works like a dream, and I passed my drug test.


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Full Macujo Method Instructions

Now I've set the scene, let's talk you through the full Macujo Method instructions so that you are in a position to clean your hair and pass that drug test using one of the best hair detox methods.

These instructions on how to use hair follicle detox shampoos for hair drug tests in conjunction with this full Macujo method are the classic instructions that I used personally, not some of the variations you'll read online.

  1. Step one is to have all the ingredients you need in place so that you can run through this efficiently every time:
  • Bottle of old-style Aloe Toxin Rid shampoo ( one of the best hair detox shampoos)
  • Zydot Ultra Clean detox shampoo (also known as Ultra Cleanse shampoo)
  • Clean & Clear Pink salicylic shampoo (or similar)
  • Tide liquid detergent (or similar household detergent)
  • Box of latex gloves, shower cap
  • Clingfilm
  • Heinz vinegar (or any household vinegar)
  1. Once you have all the ingredients together, it's time to get on with doing your first run-through. You'll need a bath or a large sink with plenty of warm water, and about 30 minutes.
  2. Wet your hair and then liberally apply the vinegar to it. A good palm of vinegar will be enough. Work it in using gloved fingertips. Work it into the roots and the scalp as well. This will sting a lot but it's fine, it's not damaging.
  3. Without washing the vinegar off, next apply a good amount of the salicylic shampoo to your head. Again, work this in well. Now things will really be stinging. But you have to do this to open up the cuticle layer.
  4. Put a shower cap around your head to keep the hair close to the scalp and really mix it all together. Then you're going to have to sit on your hands for 30 minutes because it's going to sting and you need to keep it in.
  5. With great relief, you'll then wash out the remains of the shampoo and the vinegar.
  6. The next step is to wash your hair once with old-style Aloe toxin rid shampoo. Again, really work well, and leave it on for five minutes.
  7. Repeat the process with Aloe rid detox shampoo again, and leave it on for five minutes.
  8. Wash your hair out thoroughly and then apply some of the Tide, or similar, household detergent. Really work it in until your hair squeaks in your fingers.
  9. Wash out the detergent to leave your hair clean and soft. Don't condition it using a standard conditioner at this stage, because conditioner helps to smooth and shut the cuticle layer while coating it (it's what makes your hair feel soft).
  10. You'll run through the Macujo method once or twice per day. Make sure you use fresh combs or wash your brush thoroughly. Don't contaminate anything you're going to use, make sure you are not contaminating yourself with drug toxins from your environment. On the day of the test wash your hair with Zydot ultra clean shampoo, right before going to the testing facility.

The method works for thick hair even for rasta.

Is Zydot Ultra Clean Shampoo Essential?

For me, the Zydot Ultra Clear shampoo is essential. You're going to run through the Macujo method, one of the best hair detox methods, many times, and put in a lot of money, time, and effort.

What's the point in that, if you mess up and stray toxins from an item of clothing, or someone smoking near you, or whatever, get into your hair just before you leave your hair follicle test?

So, one hour before you leave to submit your hair sample, use the Ultra Clean shampoo as an insurance policy.

It's not particularly expensive, around $35, so you're not really wasting much money and it can obviously offset any last-minute problems.


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How Many Times do You Need To Do The Mac Method?

This is the million-dollar question, and unfortunately, there's no easy answer. I don't know what your hair is like, how many drugs you have taken, what your situation is.

However, typically, people will run through the Macujo method once per day in the seven days leading up to the test. People who do that report passing a drug test pretty regularly.

So for me, you're looking at doing it seven times, and that's as a minimum. It depends on the level of toxins in your hair, though, and how your hair is.

If you're an occasional weed smoker, you might be able to get away with four, five, or six times. If you're smoking several joints per day, then you really need to run through this seven times.

If you haven't got seven days until your test, then you are going to have to do it twice per day. If you work, you'll do it before you leave for work, and then you'll do it again in the evening.

The bottom line is the more times you run through the Macujo method, the better it will be for your chances of passing.

If you've only got a couple of days until your test, do it three times per day in each of those two days that you do have. It will be better than nothing, and at least you're trying to do something to pass a hair drug test rather than just accepting defeat.

Does The Macujo Method Work For All Types Of Drugs?

You can definitely use the Macujo method for all types of drugs, it really doesn't matter what type they are.

The thing is, its a hair cleanser. It opens up the cuticle layer and flushes things out cleanly using hair detox shampoos and other ingredients.

So it gets rid of free radicals, heavy metals, toxins of all types, and, yes, any type of drug metabolite that has grown out of the follicle inside the hair due to drug use.

Just remember again, they only sample the most recent 90 days growth. So even if you've got long hair, it doesn't really matter, because they will only be looking at the 1.5 inches closest to your scalp.

The Macujo method will also work if you have unusual hair, such as dreadlocks or brittle hair. As long as you thoroughly wash it out using the substances I've described in detail here, then you will pass.

Using The Mac Method On Your Body Hair

It is perfectly possible to use the Macujo method on your body hair. If you haven't got enough hair on your head to submit your hair sample, then this is going to be your only option.

Don't worry, because it's no different from doing the Macujo method with the hair on your scalp.

You just have to make sure that you cover all areas of your body. But it's no different from doing something like putting on tan lotion, it just takes a few moments for each substance.

Your body is going to sting, but running through the Macujo method across your body will insure you against failing a drug test.

As I said at the start, just make sure you don't shave yourself. It will be obvious, and they will instead commission an observed urine drug test, where somebody is literally standing in front of you watching you urinate, so you can't submit a fake sample.

Where To Buy Old Style Aloe Rid Detox Shampoo

I hope this guide on using the Macujo method to pass a hair follicle drug test has been helpful, and that you understand how using a detox shampoo for hair drug test success can be problematic because they don't really work unless you use them as part of a method which opens up the cuticle layer of the hair.

The only place you can buy old-style Aloe Rid detox shampoo now is direct from Test Clear.

It isn't cheap, and will cost you $235 for a bottle. You'll need the entire bottle for seven days of running through the Macujo method as well.

You have to think about the money you're spending against the reason you are having the drug test in the first place though.

Hair drug testing is expensive and it's not done for any reason. It's usually only done for things like law enforcement, promotions, and very specific types of job.

If you are facing one, then you really need to pass that test. There will be a good reason, and deciding you can't afford a couple of hundred bucks in order to pass is a really shortsighted strategy.

So grab yourself a bottle of old style Aloe Toxin Rid from Test Clear, and you'll also be able to pick up Zydot Ultra Clean shampoo at the same time for just $40.

Hair Follicle Drug Test FAQ

How can I detox my hair follicles naturally?

There's a total misconception in this question about how a hair drug test works. The hair follicles are nothing to do with it, it's the strands of hair coming out of your head that matter. The drug toxins are trapped underneath the hard top layer of each shaft of hair all the way along its length.

There is no natural way to get rid of drug toxins, other than cutting your hair, which will be obvious and they can take shorter hair sample (that grows slower) from elsewhere on the body anyway.

The only way to detox your hair is to use the Macujo method. It's a complex method that opens up the hard layer of each hair strand, flushes out the toxins, and then shuts the hard cuticle layer up again.

How long does your hair have to be to pass a hair follicle test?

If we are discussing how long a hair sample has to be to be valid, then from your head, it has to be around 1.5 inches long in order to be a complete 90 day sample.

However, if there isn't long hair on your head, then they can take hair from elsewhere on the body. Literally anywhere will do, and hair elsewhere on the body grows slower, so a shorter length is all that is required for the same 90 day sample.

What can interfere with a hair follicle test?

There's nothing that can quickly interfere with a hair follicle test. There's a simple reason for that. Drug metabolites grow out from the hair follicle inside the hair shaft. Therefore, you have to open up the hard cuticle layer of every single hair on your head, and flush out the drug toxins.

There's only one process can achieve this, and it's called the Macujo method. It takes several run throughs, and costs quite a bit of money, but it's the only method out there which can truly open up the hard cuticle layer and flush out all of the drug toxins from the hair follicles.

Does vinegar clean hair follicles?

Cleaning hair follicles is irrelevant, and it's a misconception people get caught out with. The drugs aren't tested for in your hair follicles. Hair is clipped from your head, and they open up the hair shafts and test for drugs within them.

It's infallible as a testing method, and you can't get rid of the drug toxins unless you can open up the hard top layer of every strand of hair on your head and flush them out.

So no, vinegar doesn't clean hair follicles, it won't open up the cuticle layer of your hair either. Only the Macujo method can achieve this.

Is it necessary to use the Macujo method with Zydot Ultra Clean shampoo?

You don't absolutely have to use Zydot ultra clear shampoo with the Macujo method, as it's not actually part of the core method for removing drug toxins from your hair.

But what Zydot Ultra clean shampoo does very well though is to clear up stray toxins. So, you'll use it just before you leave to submit your sample, once you've cleansed your hair with the Macujo method. It ensures that no stray toxins have gotten onto your hair, which would still be found during a drug test.

The combo of Aloe Toxin Rid shampoo and Zydot Ultra Clean available from Testclear for $239.

Does the Macujo method ruin your hair?

As long as you spread the Macujo method out over a week, and do it once per day, then no, it won't ruin your hair. It's actually quite mild, even though it can sting a lot.

However, if you have less than a week until your test, and you have to do it twice per day to get at least seven times done (although sometimes you can get away with fewer times), then yes, there is a small chance it can ruin some of your hair. But it really would mean you had very weak hair, as I've never heard of anyone truly ruining the hair using the Macujo method.

How far back does a hair follicle test detect alcohol?

A hair follicle drug test analyses a sample from the most recent 90 days growth. That's all that sampled, and legally that's all they can test.

Therefore, it doesn't matter what's in your hair, they can only test for the presence of anything that's been consumed in the previous 90 days.

What shows up on hair drug tests?

A hair drug test is exactly the same as any other type of drug test. It is a panel drug test, meaning that the number of substances paid to check for will be checked against the sample.

So, if it's a standard five panel test that's been commissioned, then a hair drug test will look for cannabis, opiates, cocaine, amphetamine/methamphetamine, and PCP.

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