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How To Pass A Drug Test: 100% Effective Solutions And Remedies

Those having a drug test coming up, with nothing in mind on how to clear it, read this comprehensive guide on how to pass a drug test.

How To Pass A Drug Test: 100% Effective Solutions And Remedies

Drug tests are fairly common and are conducted for a variety of reasons. Any biological sample, like hair, urine, or saliva, can be tested for legal or illegal medicine. Usually, a pre-employment screening includes these tests, and knowing how to pass a drug test may kickstart a professional career.

Another reason behind these drug tests is to diagnose or monitor certain medical conditions. It can be a monitoring tool, helping to design a treatment plan and identify early symptoms. While there are a variety of tests and substances against which these tests are conducted, having a little information can save time.

Those having a drug test coming up, with nothing in mind on how to clear it, read this comprehensive guide on how to pass a drug test. Read till the end to find out different types of tests, which products are helpful to clear your body within a few hours, and the best tips on how to pass a drug test in 24 hours or less.

Best Products To Help You Pass Drug Tests

Drug users, even recreational users, can be a victim of accidents, injuries, or death. According to The Centers For Disease Control And Prevention, 80% of drug overdoses are caused by opioids or a combination of various drugs.

For those who already know about different types of tests, and are looking for highly recommended products to dodge these tests, here is a list of the best products that could help. Take a quick look at the following options.

Unsure which product is suitable for you and need more information to understand these products? Let's start by understanding different drug tests, why they are performed, and the solutions for how to pass drug tests without spending a lot of money.

Most Common Drug Tests: Types And Working

While there are dozens of tests, only a few are commonly used. These include blood, urine drug test, mouth swab drug test, hair, breathing, sweat test, etc. Most of these are low-cost and easy to perform. Blood test, however, is mostly suggested under special conditions.

Saliva Test

A saliva test or mouth swab drug test is a screening tool to identify certain drugs in the system. It is a non-invasive and cost-effective test compared to blood, urine, or hair test.

It uses fresh saliva from your mouth using a Q-tip or a swab. It takes only a few minutes to complete and shows 100% accurate results. There are a number of substances that can be detected through mouth swabs. For example, cocaine, marijuana (THC), opioids, amphetamines, alcohol, methamphetamine, etc.

The only catch is that the testing is highly time specific, and it can only detect to a certain limit. For example, a mouth swab drug test can detect marijuana use within the last 24 hours. The detectable time for morphine is up to four days; oxycodone is two days, hydrocodone is three days, fentanyl is four days, etc.

Blood Test

Blood screening tests are invasive screening tests to identify any illegal compound in the body. It is costly but highly accurate. Unlike mouth swab tests or urine tests, it is relatively less common. It is mostly suggested to check for drug overdose and rarely for a professional assessment.

A urine drug test also shows the same results, but the blood test is a better indicator of any substance overdose and abuse. Unfortunately, the detection window for blood substances is less than for other tests. It only indicates recent usage and does not necessarily indicate if a person is a habitual drug user.

For example, the meth drug test only shows its presence in the blood for up to four hours. On the contrary, the drug test for marijuana using urine gives a profile of up to 30 days.

Urine Test

Also called urine drug test, this is by far the most common type of drug test. While it may not be the most effective, it is very easy and requires a low conduction cost. A urine test can indicate the history of drugs that you may have used for the last few days. And it is mostly used to know the usage of illegal drugs like heroin, cocaine, and opioids.

The test identifies drug metabolite or any other biomarkers to show drug usage or abuse. Results from urine tests provide evidence of recent drug use, but they fail to measure the present indication level or addiction. Different drugs remain in the body for different times, and a urine test can trace up to 10 days of using/misusing drugs, depending upon the choice of drug.

Here is a list of drugs that are detectable through a urine drug test, with their estimated time.

Alcohol (5 or more days), Amphetamine (4 or less days), Benzodiazepine (up to 30 days), Marijuana or THC (up to 45 days), Opioids (up to 10 days), Cocaine (up to 7 days).

Using a home kit, you can now test for almost all these common drugs. A 10-Panel Multi-Drug Home Dip Test can help you test yourself. It can detect cocaine, amphetamine, methamphetamine, marijuana, opiates, methadone, PCP, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, and tricyclic antidepressants. The results take as low as five minutes, and it is up to 99% accurate.

Hair Test

The most uncommon among all these tests is a hair follicle test. It is expensive and only suggested for professionals working in law and order, people on probation, drug misuse, or those with medical issues.

Hair follicle testing is suggested to get a longer history of any drug abuse or exposure. It can also be helpful for a doctor to know the unhealthy use of a chronic drug or a long-term usage pattern. More than employment testing, hair tests are used on forensics and legal tastings during criminal investigations. Finally, hair testing is sometimes suggested in drug rehab programs to identify the misuse or abstinence period for a drug.

This test shows drugs or their metabolite in the hair sample. The results are highly accurate, and the detection window is larger than almost all other tests. Some of the drugs can be traced for up to 30 days using hair. The most surprising thing is that hair testing can show the patterns of drug use for months or years, even if the drug does not show in the first few days of usage.

Most common hair drug tests are conducted for alcohol, cocaine, benzodiazepine, nicotine, etc. It can also be a drug test for weed to discover habitual users.

To pass a hair drug test, products like detox shampoos can be beneficial. For example;

Ultra Clean Shampoo: Zydot Ultra Clean Shampoo and Conditioner can remove the drug's metabolite, chemical buildup, and other toxins from the hair shaft. They penetrate deep and deep cleanse the hair and scalp. Replace your regular hair shampoo with this one to prevent accidental exposure to toxins. The results only last for 24 hours and are better when combined with other cleansing programs.

Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoothis shampoo is the best choice to pass a hair drug test. It can be used alongside Ultra Clean shampoo for an enhanced effect. Using it every day for at least three days can help you remove toxins. For the best results, use it 15 to 20 minutes before giving a sample for the test.

How Long Can Drugs Be Detected Through Tests? 

If there is a professional assessment, or a job interview coming up, that requires you to be drug-free, here is something you need to know. 

Drugs can only last inside the body for a specific time. This time is different for all drugs and their metabolites. Usually, people follow a home detox kit, using pills, powders, gums, and other products to cut this drug indication time. Knowing how long the drug you use can be detectable in the body can assist you in choosing an actually helpful product.  

Here are a few generalized things that are true for all common drug tests, and everyone with 'how to pass a drug test coming next' should know them. 
·    A mouth swab drug test is only accurate for up to 48 hours.  
·    Urine drug test shows the results based on the last 72 hours.  
·    Hair tests show a history of drug usage for up to 90 days. 
·    Blood tests reveal the usage of drugs within the last 24 to 48 hours. 

Note that these timings are not 100% accurate for all drugs. They are true for most drugs that are commonly used. The accuracy of the results depends upon a lot of factors, let alone the time of taking a drug. 

Other factors that could change circumstances on how to pass a drug test are as follows. 
·    Multiple drugs usage
·    Multiple times usage of the same drug 
·    Unclear dosage for drugs 
·    Individual health of the user 
·    Alcohol and nicotine history 
·    Age, weight, and activity levels 
·    Dietary habits 
·    Medical history, allergies, genetic conditions 

Given all these conditions, the detection time can be different for all. Chronic or habitual drug users usually take a longer time to clear these drugs from the system.

Surprisingly, a drug test for weed in a habitual user can even show positive results after three weeks. It is not about the testing quality or accuracy because the drug test for marijuana is more affected by the dosage and frequency of using it. A study from Clin Chem (By Oxford Academic) indicated that regular weed users could even have the metabolites in their system after a month of smoking it last.  
So relying on the timeline suggested by different people is not precise for everyone. No one can really tell you how to pass a drug test just by checking the number of days after the last usage. 

The habitual users may test positive even after weeks of taking the last dose. It takes a longer time for the metabolites to clear from the body if the drug use is consistent. Beginners have the natural advantage of clearing the body naturally in lesser time. 

How To Pass a Drug Test On Short Notice?  

Here is a complete guideline on how to pass a drug test without spending a lot of money. 

Get information about the drug test you are taking 

The first thing to notice is to find out the tests suggested to you. The most common of these tests are mouth swab drug tests and urine drug tests. These are performed privately, giving you a container for the sample and getting it checked through third-party labs. Or self-testing kits are also provided to detect drugs in saliva, hair, blood, and urine.

Find out the drug to be tested. 

Drug test for marijuana is by far the most common among all. This test can show THC, tinctures, oils, and even edibles inside the body. Other tests include alcohol, cocaine, benzos, opiates, phencyclidine, amphetamines MDMA, barbiturates, and propoxyphene.

Check the time the drugs stay in your body.

Bodies react differently to the drugs, involving the last intake, dosage, potency, obesity level, and metabolism. Regular users need more time to completely detox the body. Those who are in good health, shape, and weight are able to get rid of the substances in lesser time. A Drug test for weed or meth drug test have a different presence; therefore, knowing the drugs to be tested can help to devise a self-help plan. 

Look for the right options to pass a drug test. 

There are a lot of convincing lies that seem real on how to pass a drug test without spending a lot of money. Some of them are harmless, like drinking water excessively, but many others are super risky, causing serious damage to the body. Do not believe this misinformation or subject yourself to these threats. 

There are some products that could buy you some time for re-testing or give a false reading. For example, urine additives are a discreet way to remove toxins from a sample when mixed together. It is super-fast and requires nothing but to add to the sample directly. 

Follow a natural detox plan. 

The only way that helps is a home-based detox plan, trying to cleanse the body from toxins. Detoxification programs and products can make it easy for the metabolites to pass through the body. While there are many natural ways to do it, some over-the-counter products are also of great help. For natural detox, stop using alcohol and drugs at least a month before the test. Improve the diet, add exercise to the daily routine, and drink herbal teas, that will purify the body. 

Cleanse using a detoxification program.

If the time is short and relying on natural detox plans is not enough, try a detox plan to speed up the natural cleansing process. Within a few hours, the body will remove drug particulates and remains. Use the home testing kits to confirm the absence of drugs in the body. 

Stop using drugs

The last piece of advice is to stop using drugs. There is no way any detox plan can help the body if there is no restriction on drug usage. Take a break for a few days, during which the testing will be completed. There is a chance to get over this risky habit for good when a person controls it for a few weeks. Hence it's a win-win situation.  

What Is The Easiest Way To Pass a Urine Drug Test?

Urine drug tests are highly accurate, but they can be easy to forge as well. The first piece of advice is to try a natural detox, using water, drinks, and pills. If time is short and there is no time for the body to get rid of the toxins, synthetic urine is the last option. 

The synthetic urine is designed to give a toxin-free result. It usually comes with a discreet kit, which includes a bladder bag and an adjustable belt to tie around the waist. There are heating pads to control the temperature. It has creatinine and pH, similar to an actual human urine sample.  

It operates gravity-wise and does not need any special setting. The temperature control changes its temperature to the body temperature. The belt can be worn under clothes, and release a clip in the belt releases the urine into a specimen bottle. 

The urine kits are available with a practice set, an actual kit, and a multi-product bundle with different products to clear urine, blood, and saliva testing. 

Can Brushing Your Teeth Help You Pass a Saliva Test?

Breathalyzers and saliva tests are usually conducted together. The saliva test uses a mouth swab and checks it for chemical assay. The breathing test, on the other, is direct and does not need a lab to confirm the results. 

Using mouthwash and cleaning the teeth are considered effective tools to dodge the test. However, they are not as helpful as people think. Only a mouthwash with a toxin-removing effect can help in this situation. These special mouthwashes come in small packings and are advised to be used right before the test.  

It is better to try an oral screening kit at home a few days before the testing. SalivaConfirm 5-Panel Oral Fluid Screening Kit, for example, shows the presence of marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine, opiates, and amphetamines in the saliva, within 10 minutes. Once you find an unwanted toxin in the saliva, look for the products that could help you pass the saliva test. 

Here are two highly recommended products for this purpose. 

o    Toxin Rid Rescue Wash Mouthwash comes in a one-ounce pack. Use it a few minutes before the oral test, keep it in your mouth for three minutes, and spit it. One-time use is not enough; repeat this process two more times, and completely use the pack for testing negative on the mouth swab drug test or a breathing test. 

o    Oral Clear Gum: if using mouthwash is not possible, use saliva-neutralizing gum, which masks the presence of toxins in the saliva. There is no abstinence period needed for it. It comes in one single gum pack; chew it for 30 seconds at least to clear the saliva. The results last for the next 30 minutes. 

What Are The Drugs That Are Commonly Tested?
The most commonly used drugs for any professional, legal, or medical setting include 
·    Marijuana (THC)
·    Cocaine
·    Amphetamines
·    Opioids
·    Phencyclidine (PCP)

Five Panel Test Kit is a home-based, affordable choice for self-testing. It is an instant screening kit using multi-panels that uses immunoassay technology to find drug metabolites in the urine samples. This works simultaneously for Marijuana, Cocaine, Meth/Amphetamines, Opiates, and PCP, following one step only. It accurately detects the drug metabolites and brings results within minutes. The users are advised to use it wisely and responsibly. 

Whacky Tricks To Pass a Drug Test At Home 

Drug testing is not always done to solve crimes, decide child custody, or other serious causes. It can also be used to check the credibility of the employers, maintain a safe workspace for all employees, or diagnose medical conditions. People that are habitual the drugs are more likely to be involved in accidents and diseases. So, a screening test can show who is at risk and requires a care plan. 

Many high-skill and law-enforcing jobs require a pre-employment drug screening test. If there is a similar test approaching and you are trying to find a way to pass it, taking a little help is alright. Just do not believe the common myths, tips, and remedies that people suggest. Read the following to know the common myths on how to pass a drug test without going to a doctor.

Number One Tip: Drinking a lot of water will help clear the drugs through urine 

Interestingly, this one is true. Drinking water can sometimes make it hard to identify the drugs in the body, especially through urine drug tests. But the drawback of this remedy is that the urine also carries the creatinine levels away. A major drop in these levels is the biggest red flag for drug test checkers. They can order more detailed tests to find out the irregularity in the creatinine levels. Eventually, the drug metabolites will show on the test; hence this remedy does not help in most cases. 

Number Two Tip: All drugs have the same time frame inside the body 
False! Not all drugs remain for the same days or time in the body. The human body is amazing, and every individual has a different biological makeup, so the drug metabolization in his body is different from others. Drug compositions are different, and the dosage used by people is also different. Hence their presence in the body can be variable. For example, a drug test for marijuana can be accurate at different times, depending on the substance history. Experienced users can be detected for over a month. 

Number Three Tip : Urine drug test is common because it is cheaper 
To some extent, this statement is true. A urine drug test is an affordable way of screening drugs, compared to blood and hair samples. But the real reason they are so famous is that they are highly accurate. It is easy to find drugs and their metabolites in the urine, that too in higher concentrations. On the other hand, hair follicle tests are even more accurate, but they only account for a few drugs, are expensive, and need a long time to get results. 

Fun Fact: Did you know that a urine drug test can even detect up to 10 different drugs at a time? Carry on reading to find more on urine tests. 

Number Four Tip: Poppy Seeds Can Help You Test False Positive 
Most common among students, the poppy seed trick is considered the best answer for how to pass a drug test. Taking these seeds will add opium to your body, but it will be lesser than the level that is usually tested in drug tests. Hence you will end up getting a false negative result. 

These seeds are obtained from opium, but they do not give away the typical opium effects. So, you can blame your positive result on the bagel with poppy seeds or any other eatable. 

Number Five Tip: Food and drinks will clear the body 
No, this statement is not true. Although there are many people that would vouch for this to be true. But passing a drug test is never as easy as covering it with your favorite food and drinks. There is no way to pass a drug test with overeating or drinking than usual unless the drug you chose is short living inside the body, and you have plenty of days to get tested. 

There are dozens of people telling you how to pass a drug test, cheating tricks for a drug test for weed, or urine drug test. The truth is that there is no way you can fake the results with these dietary and lifestyle changes. The only way not to best positive for the drug test for marijuana or any other substances is by not taking the substance in the first place. 

Regardless of what everyone says, a negative drug test result ensures a safer workplace. It may land you the job of your dreams or get you a promotion long due. The drug testing kits at home are also accurate and reliable, plus they are more convenient than other options. 

Drug testing kits offer a self-testing option, within the comfort of your house, with accurate results. Test kits for different drugs are available, including drug tests for marijuana, meth drug test, oxycodone, etc. These kits provide accurate toxins in the hair, blood, urine, or saliva sample and generate results within minutes. Feel free to order one for you and see how these kits work. 

Frequently Asked Questions On Passing a Drug Test 

Here are some additional questions on how to pass a drug test, use detox kits, and natural cleansing. 

What Should You Not Do Before a Urine Drug Test?
Before going for the urine drug test, avoid eating any food that may affect the urine color. For example, blueberries, blackberries, rhubarb, a salad with beets, etc. Also, do not go for any strenuous exercise, and share your medicinal history and the use of supplements with the doctor.

What Is The Difference Between a Supervised And Unsupervised Test?
Urine tests can be supervised or unsupervised. An unsupervised is fairly common where a person is left alone in a room or behind covers to collect a urine sample. These tests are easy to fool, with synthetic urine or a urine additive to fake the results. Supervised tests, on the other hand, are highly scrutinized. The supervisor may not be watching you urinate, but he will be present in the same room or around, leaving very little chance of contaminating the sample. Urine tests are also sometimes observed in special cases. During these tests, there is a supervisor to watch you urinate, making sure you are not cheating. 

What Happens If I Flush After Drug Test?
Sometimes people taking part in a drug test are advised not to flush the toilet. The reason behind it is that it can tamper with the urine sample. Whenever you flush the toilet, there are chances of some residues or contaminants landing in the urine sample. It can reduce the accuracy of the results or show a false positive. 

What Happens If You Fail a Drug Test For The First Time?
The drug tests suggested during employment have higher risks of losing the job. Most employers ask for pre-employment testing, but some jobs require random drug testing, too, during the job. In this case, the presence of any drug metabolites can terminate the job unless there is a clause on the contract allowing the job holders to get a second chance. Common tests used for such testing are drug test for weed, meth drug test, and urine drug test. 

How Long Does Weed Naturally Stay In Your System?
In general, one-time use of weed can be detected for up to three days. Using it regularly (3-4 times weekly) can last in the body for up to one week after the last dose. If someone uses it daily, a drug test for weed can even detect the traces for up to 15 days after quitting.

Does Hash Show Up In Blood Test?
A urine drug test can show results one month prior, but a detailed blood test can even show a hash up to six months. A drug test for marijuana finds out the residues stored in the body's fat cells. Therefore, people that are skinny or those with a high metabolic rate need a shorter time to get it out of the body due to low fat levels. 

What Drinks Help Flush Out Toxins?
There are many drinks that could help keep toxins out of the body and make them disappear on a urine drug test or mouth swab drug test, and a drug test for marijuana. The first of them is water, as there is nothing better than water to detoxify the body. Next, herbal teas like apple ginger tea, ginger cinnamon tea, oolong, green tea, chamomile, and peppermint tea can also help. Natural beverages that are rich in antioxidants, such as pomegranate juice, citrus, and mint lemonade, can also help. However, these drinks cannot be given the sole responsibility of cleansing. Combine them with other products to get better results.  

What Is a Meth Drug Test?
Methamphetamine or meth is a stimulatory drug with an addictive potential. The meth drug test uses a urine sample and checks for the presence of metabolites. The drug typically shows in the urine within three to five hours after taking the dose. The meth drug test with a blood sample is less accurate; therefore, not advised. This drug leaves the body within 12-24 hours, so a detox product can help show the body that it is drug-free. 

Can You Pass a Drug Test Using Detox Kits?
Yes, the natural cleansing and home detox kits offer a massive help, but it depends upon the choice of products. Buying random kits from local stores may not be true for their promises. Check for the product quality and company first, even if you are going to buy drug detox kits online. Do not believe a company providing no information or offering an unbelievably low price. 

How Can I Detox My Body In 24 Hours?
There are products that could help clear the body from toxins. But the, health experts suggest not to try the bizarre remedies and tricks suggested by people. Eating small portions of healthy food and plenty of natural drinks can help in toxin removal. But if you truly need a complete detox, use detox drinks and capsules, or use a synthetic urine kit. To may also use an oral clear gum to pass a mouth swab test. 

How Long Does a Hair Follicle Drug Test Detect?
Hair drug tests provide a longer history compared to other tests. The drugs can be detectable for up to 90 days. On the contrary, all other tests show a much lesser window of results than this. 

What Can Cause a False Positive Hair Follicle Test?
It is possible to get a false positive hair follicle test in rare cases. For example, bleaching the hair can lower the count of drug metabolites. There are some hair dyes, shampoos, and products that contain synthetic hemp and other compounds that may yield false positive effects. 

Can You Find THC In a Hair Sample?
THC has a long-term presence in the body, and it can be detected for years. Most tests reveal the drug history of the last 90 days or three months. If the last THC usage was more than 90 days ago, you are good to take the hair test. If you have smoked within the last 90 days, use detox products, such as Toxin Rid shampoo, 

How Many Days Do You Need To Detox?
There are different detox kits available that are highly time specific. They can take 1 to 10 days to clear the body from toxins. The choice of a detox program depends upon the type of drug you are using. Look for the half-life of a drug that you are taking. The half-time shows the time it would take to remove the active substances from the body by half. It also depends upon metabolism, health status, diet, and lifestyle. People with healthy lifestyles need lesser time to deep cleanse their bodies from toxins. 

What Is The Number One Detox Drink?
Mega Clean Detox Drink by Detoxify is the best drink to remove toxins within 24 hours. It comes in berry and tropical fruit flavors, and the results last for three to five hours. You may combine it with the Detoxify PreCleanse Herbal Pills for better results. The results are more prominent in people with higher toxin levels. 

For moderate and low toxin levels, XXtra Clean Cleansing Drink and Ready Clean Detox Drink for Low Toxin Levels work better. 

Passing a Drug Test: Conclusion

Passing the drug tests can be challenging because they cause perils for your profession, health, and career. Even casual or recreational use of a drug can risk your future, which is a lot to lose. Knowing how to pass a drug test, using over-the-counter products, and combining them with self-care tips can save you from this issue. However, these products are a one-time solution and may not be helpful for a habitual and heavy drug user. 

The detoxification process can sometimes affect the digestive system by changing the microflora. Some users may experience digestive distress after using them. For this reason, they are advised as a one-time thing and not for prolonged usage. Too much detox can cause fatigue, pain, nausea, memory, and cognitive issues. Some users may experience skin rashes too. 

To avoid all this, combine your detox programs and products with a healthy diet containing fresh foods. Try adding moderate activity to your routine to eliminate toxins through sweat. These strategies will make the effects of detox last for a longer time without causing any side effects. 

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