Bengaluru-Based Firm's "Gift Of Sleep" For Employees Today. Here's Why

World Sleep Day 2023: The subject line of the email to staff members read, "Surprise Holiday: Announcing the Gift of Sleep."

Bengaluru-Based Firm's 'Gift Of Sleep' For Employees Today. Here's Why

The company announced an official holiday on World Sleep Day.

A Bengaluru-based company has formally announced an optional holiday for its employees on March 17 in celebration of International Sleep Day in an effort to promote wellness practices among its workforce.

Wakefit Solutions, a D2C home-and-sleep solutions company that has now become very popular due to its home furnishings products, shared a post on LinkedIn that was a screenshot of the mail sent to all employees with a caption that reads, "In celebration of World Sleep Day, all Wakefit employees have been granted a day of rest on March 17th, 2023 -- and with a long weekend to follow, it's the perfect chance to catch up on some much-needed rest and relaxation."

"Surprise Holiday: Announcing the Gift of Sleep" was the title of the mail that was sent to the employees.

"The 6th edition of our Great Indian Sleep Scorecard reveals a 21% increase in people feeling sleepy during work hours since 2022 and an 11% spike in people waking up tired. Considering sleep deprivation's prevalence, what better way to celebrate Sleep Day than through the Gift of Sleep?" The company wrote to its employees.

The startup further requested its employees: "As sleep enthusiasts, we consider Sleep Day a festival, especially when it falls on a Friday! You can avail of this leave like any other through the HR portal."

This, however, is not the first time that the company has announced something unusual yet useful for its workforce. Last year, the company announced a "Right to Nap policy" for its workforce that allowed all employees to take a 30-minute nap during their working hours.

On the Internet, these solutions are gaining more and more traction. It appears that the company wants to prioritise employee wellbeing while also developing a culture that strongly promotes self-care with this effort.

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