What This Man Learnt From Ratan Tata In Just 50 Seconds

"Last night I read a book on leadership in 50 seconds," the post said.

What This Man Learnt From Ratan Tata In Just 50 Seconds

A Mumbai man shared an inspirational post about industrialist Ratan Tata on Facebook

New Delhi:  Someone once said "You are the sum total of all the people you meet". Going by that logic, even a minute with an inspirational leader can be a great learning experience. A Mumbai man's Facebook post about a 50-second encounter with philanthropist and business tycoon Ratan Tata is viral for the same reason.

"Last night I read a book on leadership in 50 seconds," Facebook user Sumeet Nagdev confessed in a post about the industrialist. Mr Nagdev was waiting for his car at the reception of Taj Mahal Hotel in South Mumbai when he saw "a gentle man" in his 70's being escorted out by two men. The man was the owner of the hotel, Ratan Tata.

The post went on to say how the industrialist spoke softly to the concierge staff politely as he waited for his car - just like everybody else. But it was not a luxury car with a chauffeur but an old sedan that arrived for Mr Tata.

"He gently walks to the next car that arrives, an old white Honda Civic, gets into the drivers' seat and like all common drivers in the world, struggles to get his wallet out from his butt pocket, does that, removes a tip and hands it over to the valet driver (says thank you - assuming that as he said something to which the driver smiled). He drives off and everything at the Taj is the same as 50 seconds back," said the post.

Mr Nagdev, in the post, also documented his interaction with a valet driver who told him how Mr Tata turns down any special treatment at the hotel.

"I asked my valet driver, "is he always like that?". "He is amazing Sir. His car was waiting in line like others and the cops behind insisted to push it forward but he will always refuse. He doesn't like it if we don't check his car like everyone's is being checked," he said.

He summed up saying, "True leadership is not about doing extraordinary things but doing common things in an extraordinary manner".

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