This Article is From Jul 25, 2022

Video Showing "River Of Bats" Emerging From Cave In Mexico Leaves Internet Amazed

Video Showing 'River Of Bats' Emerging From Cave In Mexico Leaves Internet Amazed

The video has garnered more than 6 million views and over 169,000 likes.

A video of a swarm of bats flying out from a cave in Mexico has taken the internet by storm. Since being shared on Twitter, the clip has accumulated more than 6 million views and over 169,000 likes. 

The viral video, which has been recorded from a car, shows countless bats flying out from Cueva de Los Murciélagos (Cave of the bats). “Watch this endless river of bats emerging from this cave,” read the caption of the post. 

The group of bats were captured on camera briskly flying toward the sky in one direction and together, appearing like a plume of black smoke. 

Since being uploaded, the video has gained traction on social media. “Batman has summoned these bats for his greatest mission,” jokingly wrote one user. “That is a beautiful sight.  Bats are so important to our planet,” said another. “A spectacular phenomena of nature,” added third, while a fourth commented, “It's incredible! Wonder why they've all seemingly come out.”

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Meanwhile, speaking of bats, a study recently revealed that certain wild bats have a long-term memory of sounds. The researchers found that the frog-eating bats (Trachop's cirrhosis) consistently reacted to ringtones, which rewarded them with food.

The territory of these bats stretches from southern Mexico and Central America to Bolivia and Brazil, and they are also known as fringe-lipped bats. They are medium-sized and feed on frogs, lizards, insects, fruit, and even other bats. The researchers implanted microchips on 49 bats, which were part of the study, and released them into the wild. 

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