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Video: Dutch PM Mark Rutte Mops Floor After Spilling Coffee. Internet Is All Praise

Parliament staff cheered him on as Mark Rutte cleaned up the mess he made

Video: Dutch PM Mark Rutte Mops Floor After Spilling Coffee. Internet Is All Praise

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte inside the Dutch Parliament in The Hague

Prime Minister of The Netherlands, Mark Rutte, is being praised on the Internet after a video clip of him cleaning up the parliament floor went viral on Tuesday. The clip shows the leader entering through the security gates of the Dutch parliament and accidentally dropping his coffee. But instead of having someone clean up the mess on the floor, he took the mop and did the job himself.

In the clip, Mr Rutte is seen picking up up his coffee cup and then grabbing a mop from one of the staff members. With a big smile on his face, perhaps aware of the presence of cameras, he cleans up the floor without hesitating as staff cheers him on.

Watch the clip here:
In a longer version of the clip, he even gets a lesson in adjusting the mop to his height from employees - in case he spills his coffee again.
The leader was applauded on Twitter for showing humility and most agreed that other leaders could take some cues from the 51-year-old.
Though many remained skeptical and wondered if the gesture was just for the cameras.
This, however, isn't the first time Mark Rutte has been commended for doing something not expected from the Prime Minister of one of the wealthiest nations in the world. Last year, for a meeting with the Dutch king, the leader ditched his car and opted to cycle to the palace instead. Bicycles are a common mode of transport in Netherlands but Internet was impressed to see a head of state commute on the humble bicycle.
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