Student Writes Songs In Answer Sheet, Teacher Leaves Hilarious Remark

Everyone laughed at the hilarious answer sheet, but the answer sheet checker's comments really stood out.

Student Writes Songs In Answer Sheet, Teacher Leaves Hilarious Remark

The teacher's reply on the answer sheet is getting more attention.

In exams all across the world, leaving the answer sheet blank or with incorrect answers is frequent, but one odd occurrence that people have only noticed in India is writing film songs in the answer sheets. A recent video of a student's answer sheet from Chandigarh University went viral because of the humorous answers the student penned in response to the subject questions.

The student just wrote three answers, and two of them were Hindi film songs. The first answer was a song, "Give Me Some Sunshine; Give Me Some Rain; Give Me Another Chance; I Wanna Grow Up Once Again", from the film 3 Idiots.

The second answer was a message to the teacher that the student wrote: "Ma'am, you are a brilliant teacher. It's my fault that I am not able to do the hard work. God, give me some talent.

The third answer was again a song from the Hindi film PK, "Bhagwan Hai Kahan Re Tu."

Watch the video here:

The very funny answer sheet left everyone smiling, but one thing that was outstanding was the remarks of the answer sheet checker. The teacher wrote that "you should also write more answers (#songs)."

The teacher wrote this because the student only provided three answers to all the questions.

The video was posted with a text that read, "The teacher passed the vibe check."

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