Putting the Dil in Dilli : These Posters Capture the Spirit of Delhi

Putting the Dil in Dilli : These Posters Capture the Spirit of Delhi
It is a truth universally acknowledged that dil walon ki Dilli is a melting pot of the old and the new. Delhi has a certain chutzpah and a whole lot of character. You may love it, hate it, or be thoroughly confused about your feelings for it, but you definitely cannot ignore Delhi.

Advertising professionals and designers, Abhishek Prasad and Samrat Ray (English Calendars Move Over, The New Delhi Kalendar is Here) have designed a fabulous range of posters that will remind you once again just why Delhi is so unforgettable.
1. The Indomitable Buses:
The lovely flyaway buses you often find blocking the narrowest of streets. Just like the posters says, it goes wherever you want.


2. The Happy-To-Help Autowallahs (Not): But of course when one mentions Delhi, one has to mention the autowallahs. Like some sarkari babus, the meter in these autos also do not work.


3. Those Will-Do-As-We-Please Taxis: They may charge you extra for luggage or for stopping long at traffic jams (as will the autowallahs by the way). They may also take their own favourite route even if that means extra charge for you. Because, they can.


4. The Amazing Delhi Metro:  Where blocking the door while it's closing, is a dandaniya apraadh (punishable offence). Also, kripya doori ka dhyan rakhe. Please mind the gap.


5. Bar in the Car: Or as Abhishek and Samrat have put it, Car-o-Bar. Complete win, this one.


6. Dilli ke Blingy Businessman: Sounds like a threat? Well, it usually is.


7. Cooler: A summer staple if you do not have AC. Mostly so that the heat does not melt you. No, seriously.


8. Valets in the Public Parking Zones: They are more bossy than mother hens with a brood of new-born chicks. Chaabi de hi do, bhaiyya.
You can catch the duo in action here:  http://rayandprasad.com

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