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People Think There Is Something Wrong With This Pic - Can You Spot It?

Do you see it?

People Think There Is Something Wrong With This Pic - Can You Spot It?

Can you figure out why people are saying this pic is photoshopped?

Two days ago, Alaska Airlines posted a gorgeous picture on their Instagram. The picture, originally shot by an Instagram user who runs the blog 'Away From the Office', shows two women on a beach in Hawaii. However, since the picture was reposted by Alaska Airlines, people have inundated it with comments calling it fake. Can you figure out why by looking at the photograph?

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Not sure? Well, many think the pic was edited in some way because it shows only one set of footprints leading up to the two women.

"Love this photo! But how is there only one set of footprints when there are two people in the photo?!" asks one Instagram user. "So the other person didn't walk there?" writes another.

"One of the UFOs spotted by that @americanair pilot must have dropped her on the beach," a third jokes.

However, Rebecca Pattee, who is one of the women pictured and who captured the shot using a drone, has defended her picture and said it's not fake.

"Hah, that would be so cool hitch a ride with a UFO. Unfortunately the explanation is a little more dull. I walked out first and then @robynw_photos followed," she said in response to the allegations.

"My friend @robynw_photos walked in my footsteps," she writes again in the comments section of the picture on her own account.

Only a few days ago, Kim Kardashian was similarly accused of Photoshopping her pic. She too had a very simple explanation - read it here!

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