Nobody Can Beat Indians At 'Jugaad'. These Posts Are Proof

In the words of Anupam Kher: "We are the ultimate masters of jugaad."

Nobody Can Beat Indians At 'Jugaad'. These Posts Are Proof

These posts are proof that Indians are the "ultimate masters" of jugaad.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that nobody can beat Indians at jugaad. The Hindi word - which has even made it to the Oxford Dictionary - refers to "the use of skill and imagination to find an easy solution to a problem or to fix or make something using cheap, basic items". Jugaad is often celebrated as an example of the Indian spirit of resourcefulness and enterprise. From innovations to keep locusts away to inventions that make social distancing possible in the age of coronavirus, there is no dearth of creativity in our country. Here are some posts that only serve as further proof that when it comes to jugaad, Indians do it best:

With schools and colleges shut amid the pandemic, one chemistry teacher found a way to make sure her students were following what she taught during virtual classes. Moumita B fashioned a tripod out of a clothes hanger and a plastic chair to film the lesson as she wrote on the chalkboard - a hack that won her much praise and appreciation. 

Also during the pandemic, a milkman found a creative way to make sure his customers kept their distance. IAS officer Awanish Sharan shared a picture of the milkman using a pipe and funnel to deliver milk to a customer, who stood a few feet away to maintain social distancing. 

Businessman Anand Mahindra is a fan of jugaad. He often shares examples of jugaad that catch his eye and in April, he tweeted a video of an e-rickshaw adapting to social distancing norms. "The capabilities of our people to rapidly innovate & adapt to new circumstances never ceases to amaze me," he wrote while sharing the video.

And speaking of jugaad on the roads - don't miss this video where one man helps a vehicle out of a ditch without using any fancy tools or machines. 

Of course, no post on jugaad would be complete without Anupam Kher's brilliant collection of pics. Last year, the actor shared a series of photographs with each one showing some or the other form of jugaad. "We Indians are supposed to be the most innovative when it comes to inventions for necessities," wrote Mr Kher. "We are the ultimate masters of jugaad."

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