Man Who Lives On A Cruise Ship Shares Pros And Cons And Expenses Of This Life

Kevin Martin's monthly expenses, including accommodation, meals, and other essentials, are surprisingly reasonable.

Man Who Lives On A Cruise Ship Shares Pros And Cons And Expenses Of This Life

Kevin Martin shares the pros and cons of living on a cruise ship.

Who doesn't love traveling and exploring new places? Long drives through scenic hills, cruising on the open ocean, and embarking on exciting tours are on everyone's vacation wish list. But imagine if you could live permanently in these vacation-like settings.

It would be a dream life for most travel enthusiasts. But an American man is already living this dream and also documenting his life through vlogging.

Ditching his traditional life, a former military man and lawyer named Kevin Martin decided to trade his briefcase for a balcony at sea. This 48-year-old from Missouri isn't just vacationing on cruise ships; he's living the dream full-time. He documents his unique lifestyle through vlogs on YouTube, including the financial realities-both the good deals and the hidden costs-of calling a cruise ship home.

Having explored various lines like MSC, NCL, Princess, and Royal Caribbean, Kevin even shares tips on how to make this unconventional lifestyle surprisingly affordable.

According to The Metro, during the month of March 2024, Kevin sailed to St Kitts, St Lucia, Barbados, Grenada, Grand Cayman and Aruba, to name a few. For the entire month on the ship, he spent a total of 1,615 pounds. To break it down, 1,080 Pounds of this was used on his accommodation and the inclusive buffet dinners on board the vessel. In that time, he spent just 22 pounds extra on meals that weren't included in the above package.

Kevin's monthly expenses on his cruise ship lifestyle were Rs 162,985 (around 1,615 pounds). Here's a breakdown of his costs:

Accommodation & Meals: Rs 108,993 (around 1,080 pounds)
Extra Food: Rs 2,220 (around 22 pounds)
Phone: Rs 8,578 (around 85 pounds)
Insurance: Rs 4,238 (around 42 pounds)
Healthcare: Rs 1,917 (around 19 pounds)

"I plan on integrating cruising into my travel plans in the future... I hate flights. I loved my year on cruise ships," Kevin told The Metro.

He explained that if he had to do it again, he would vary the itinerary a bit more and see different places.

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