Caught On Camera: Fishermen Sail Dangerously Close To 66-Foot Plug Hole

"It looked a dangerous and risky thing to do," said Flo Neilson, who filmed the video

Two fishermen were filmed sailing dangerously close to a huge plug hole on Saturday, prompting authorities to issue a warning after the incident. The pair were spotted paddling around the 66-foot overflow hole at Ladybower Reservoir in Derbyshire, reports BBC.

Flo Neilson was out walking her two dogs when she came across the scene and stopped to film it.

"It appeared they were floating towards the plughole whilst still casting their lines, but they were purposely paddling with flippers on their feet," she told BBC.

"It looked a dangerous and risky thing to do, but they seemed to be in control of the boats and had soon moved away after I'd stopped filming."

To news agency Press Association, Ms Neilson also added that she was amazed the anglers managed to control their boat considering the force of the water.

There are two plug holes in the reservoir that drop into a tunnel which takes excess water to River Derwent via a tunnel.

Severn Trent Water, which owns the reservoir, shared a warning after the incident, asking people to stay away from the plug hole.

"We're happy for people to use our reservoir for boating and fishing, and boats are available to hire from the fishery," they said in a statement, according to the Independent.

"However, we do ask that people stay well away from the plug hole, as obviously this is really dangerous.

"We'll be reminding everyone who uses the water to avoid the plug hole area and to stay safe."

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