Amazon Is Selling Coconut Shells For Over Rs 1,200 And Indians Are Stunned

This will leave you shell-shocked

Amazon Is Selling Coconut Shells For Over Rs 1,200 And Indians Are Stunned

An Amazon listing puts the price of a coconut shell at Rs 1,289.

Well, this is coconuts! Next time you're about to throw away a coconut shell, you may want to stop and store it carefully instead - because, believe it or not, they are fetching big bucks on the Internet. Indians were recently "shell-shocked" to discover that the humble coconut shell is being sold on e-commerce website Amazon for nearly Rs 1,300. "This is an actual, real, coconut. Therefore, it may have cracks, dents and imperfections," reads the product description.

Rebranded as "Natural coconut shell cups", these shells start at Rs 1,289 and can even go up to Rs 2,499!

Don't believe us? Take a look:


The revelation, predictably enough, left many Indians stunned. Used to buying coconuts for as little as 20 bucks apiece and then throwing the shells away, they took to Twitter in disbelief. Their reactions were even curated into their own Twitter Moment.

Take a look at some of the reactions:

Some even began to think of business plans!

On Amazon, these coconut shells have garnered mixed reviews.

"In Kannada we call this chippu, means you'll get nothing," laughed one person while writing a product review for the natural coconut shell. "I pity those who are buying these useless shells," another said.

However, a few users who actually bought the coconut shells found them to be useful. "Natural coconut shell.. it's used for various purposes.. showroom price would be around 3k.. my friend brought it at low price at 1300 .. great Amazon," wrote one reviewer.

What do you think of these natural coconut shell cups? Let us know using the comments section.


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