This Article is From Jul 01, 2014

10 Tweet-Sized Tales With Few Words but a Whole Lot of Heart

It doesn't take much to tell a brilliant story - just the right words for every emotion. Terribly Tiny Tales brings to the fore stories with a heart as writers share "tweet-sized" tales. These gems will make a reader's soul smile. Here are a few we love -

1. For those who fall more madly in love with each passing year of togetherness

tiny-tales (1).jpg
2. And for those who try just a little harder each day to give up, unlove

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3. For love so powerful and all consuming that every act, even a daily chore, can cause chills

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4. When the silver lining on a rain-bearing cloud brings hope for a better day

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5. X had a choice, Y none

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6. For those who have someone to come home to

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7. And for those who have no home to come to

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8. For soulmates who spend years looking for their other halves

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9. For those who do and hold on... for richer or poorer

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10. And for those who have loved only to have lost

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