Zendaya Is Literally Glowing In A Fall 1999 Givenchy Skirt Suit Which Was Inspired by Celine Dion

Zendaya continues to carry the weight of making a sartorial impact at Dune movie promotions with her latest iridescent look

Zendaya Is Literally Glowing In A Fall 1999 Givenchy Skirt Suit Which Was Inspired by Celine Dion

Zendaya's Fall 1999 Givenchy Skirt Suit Was Inspired by Celine Dion

Even before Dune: Part Two arrives on the big screen, it has generated plenty of buzz. We'd like to believe it's primarily because of Zendaya. While her co-stars Florence Pugh, Timothee Chalamet and Austin Butler have all made rather spectacular appearances on the red carpet thus far, it's Zendaya who has carried the weight of making a sartorial impact at Dune movie promotions. That continued when she appeared at the Seoul premier of the movie in South Korea. For the red carpet event, the star's stylist Law Roach dipped into the archives to bring life to a look that glowed, very literally.

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Zendaya wore a grey pantsuit which included a long sleeve slim-fitted blouse with a high Mandarin collar. Paired with it was a pencil skirt that reached her knees. The highlight of her skirt suit were the red microchip-esque patterns that covered the frontal length of the outfits. The kicker came when Zendaya stepped into the light and revealed the iridescent nature of the patterns, which were illuminated when the light hit it. Keeping the rest of the outfit somber were sheer black tights with pointed pumps with her hair tied in narrow braids.

As referenced by Law on Instagram Stories, the look draws inspiration from an outfit worn by Celine Dion in her 1999 music video Then You Look At Me.

Luminescent fashion isn't anything new for Zendaya. Back in 2019, the actress was styled by Law in a powder blue Tommy Hilfiger ball gown which lit up beneath its voluminous skirt, looking like something straight out of a fairytale. It was modelled after Cinderella's original gown and has been an iconic red carpet look since then.

Where there's Zendaya, there's a style statement waiting to happen.

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