World, Meet Mira Rajput's New Skincare Line, Akind

Mira Rajput joins the celebrity beauty space with her skincare brand, Akind

World, Meet Mira Rajput's New Skincare Line, Akind

Mira Rajput Forays Into The Beauty World With Her Skincare Line, Akind

With ever-evolving beauty norms, the sphere today is getting bigger with each passing day. Thanks to the finest launches of celebrity brands, the market is expanding. Mira Rajput is the latest to join the bandwagon. Recently, Mira announced the launch of her skincare brand, Akind. She shared a video on Instagram and posted, "A kind of care. A kind of bliss. A kind of you. Welcome to Akind, because just like you, your skin is one of a kind,” and ended with the hashtag, “Listen To Your Skin.” In the clip, Mira can be seen introducing the brand as she says, "We all have a skin type. But no one tells us that our skin has modes too. You know that feeling when you have makeup on all day and your skin tells you it needs to breathe? Start on a clean slate. When you have a flare-up and your skin is asking for some TLC, something gentle to help it bounce back. There is lots of advice out there. But here is a bright idea, try drowning out the noise and listen to your skin, give it what it needs. After all, just like you, your skin is one of Akind

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Mira Rajput has launched her brand in partnership with Isha Ambani's Tira. So far, the brand has unveiled nine skin care products. The range of products includes Sun Stick with SPF 50 PA+++, Sleep Tight Firming Serum, Everyday Multi-Active Serum, Sunscreen Primer SPF 50 PA++++, Lightweight moisturiser, Oil-Free Balancing cleanser, Soothing and Purifying Toner, Hydrating Cleanser and Bright Idea Radiance Serum. These products range between Rs 500 to Rs 1000. The brand claims the products to be vegan, clinically proven, parabens-free, cruelty-free and dermatologically tested. 


In a conversation with ET-Times, Mira Kapoor revealed that she started working on the brand in November 2022. The media outlet quoted her as saying, “The brand is known as ‘Akind', which means your skin is one of a kind. We started working on this in November 2022 and are launching now in 2024. The brand has been born out of my skincare philosophy and can be integrated into everyday routine. I firmly felt that now is the right time to build something which is solution-driven, skin-type agnostic, and easy to use for everybody.”

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