Rakul Preet Singh's Intense Midweek Workout Session Includes A 100 Kg Leg Press

Rakul Preet Singh is setting the fitness bar higher with her latest workout video

Rakul Preet Singh's Intense Midweek Workout Session Includes A 100 Kg Leg Press

Feeling a little less motivated for gym sessions? All you have to do is take a sneak peek at Rakul Preet Singh's Instagram timeline. The actress is a fitness enthusiast and we don't need to stress that enough. On Wednesday, Rakul turned her beast mode on with an intense workout. The Cuttputlli star has shared a glimpse of her rigorous workout routine and it is everything that will bid adieu to your midweek blues. Rakul has shared a video of herself nailing leg presses like a pro. But one thing that will force you to watch the clip on a loop is the fact that Rakul is performing a leg press with an enormous 100 kg weight. In the clip, we could also hear her trainer motivating her to complete 10 reps. The leg press is an amazing exercise to strengthen your glutes and quadriceps. It even increases the strength of the hips bones and lower back. Sharing the video, Rakul wrote, “The struggle is always extra real.” She ended the caption with the hashtags, “fitness addict, way of life” and “100 kgs”.

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When it comes to fitness, Rakul Preet Singh loves to maintain versatility in her regime. A few days back the actress treated us to the glimpses of her amazing yoga session. Rakul dropped a couple of pictures of herself performing an asana, but we were left spellbound witnessing her flexibility. In the click, Rakul can be seen skillfully stretching her arms and legs. While both her hands were extended beyond the mat, one leg was positioned at 90 degrees across her right arm and the other was stretched backwards. Along with the clicks, Rakul wrote, “Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self…Back with Anshuka after ages!! Ufff the feeling of liberation.”

Rakul Preet Singh seems to be on an agenda to challenge herself with each month passing. We say this, as last month the actress dropped a video of herself performing glute bridges with 55 kgs of weight. Well, as per Rakul this is how she gets rid of “holiday calories”. Rakul that was truly intense Rakul. Sharing the clip, she wrote, “I wonder why it's so easy to gain and a pain to shed… getting rid of the holiday calories…one day at a time... slow and steady maintaining the balance and harmony of the body! Ajay Singh Verma 55 kg glute bridges.”

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Rakul Preet Singh has kept us motivated through and through.