Natasha Poonawalla Kissed The Summer Heat Goodbye In A White Floral Dress And Gilded Gold Pout Clutch

Natasha Poonawalla makes no mistake even when she has to make a fashion statement in a floral white dress

Natasha Poonawalla Kissed The Summer Heat Goodbye In A White Floral Dress And Gilded Gold Pout Clutch

Natasha Poonawalla's mini dresses have a life of their own

One doesn't see Natasha Poonawalla in Mumbai too often. But when she is in town, she doesn't miss the chance to be seen in her fashionable best. For Bollywood's popular producer-director and dear friend Karan Johar's birthday, the globetrotting fashionista made her way to the occasion looking like a million bucks. And that's not the price tag on the overall outfit, by the way. Owing to her love for sculpted pieces, her casual dinner date ensembles look no different with this little white cutout dress. The mini dress from Valentino is embroidered with large white floral motifs straight from the new collection. All while the white dress was doing its job of making a maximal impact the minimal chic way, her gilded gold Schiaparelli clutch was on duty too. The clutch with a lip mould and an embellished piercing when paired with the dress makes an unusual pairing but with Natasha Poonawalla's impressive experimentative streak, it's easy to trust the process. She also adds statement hoops just when you thought there couldn't be more to the look. With her lightly wavy caramel-coloured locks and minimal makeup, Natasha Poonawalla's "flower power" got a soft glam touch.

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The Met Gala's prestigious red carpet is Natasha Poonawalla's personal laboratory with new looks created beyond human imagination. But the real party begins at the after party. For this year's "Reawakening Fashion," she was also responsible for reawakening this archival Paco Rabanne mini dress from 1967 that was made for the future. It's structured to precision to fit her taut physique. So much so that you'd believe it was made just for her.

With Natasha Poonawalla and a closet full of stylish mini dresses for the world to see, it's always a party with the best style just waiting to happen.

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