Beyonce In A Gaurav Gupta Blazer Dress, Cowboy Hat, Boots And Lots Of Bling Has Everyone On Her Lasso At NYFW 2024

Beyonce at NYFW 2024 in flesh and blood and in Gaurav Gupta's couture ensemble - can this year get any better?

Beyonce In A Gaurav Gupta Blazer Dress, Cowboy Hat, Boots And Lots Of Bling Has Everyone On Her Lasso At NYFW 2024

Beyonce and Gaurav Gupta's fashion partnership is one for the long run

Beyonce could wear a sack and still make it look like haute couture. That's probably why she is considered such a force of fashion that sitting on the front row of New York Fashion Week deserves couture and no less. To go cowgirl core too, as she has been in the recent past, she relies on the ace Indian couturier Gaurav Gupta at the Luar show held recently. She picked a celestial grey embellished blazer dress layered over a matching hooded sheer bodysuit and thigh-high boots. It seems fair to have seen this outfit first on the runway one day and directly in Beyonce's closet on the next. In keeping with the cowgirl theme of her latest aesthetic to publicise her latest singles, she adds a grey cowboy hat and sunglasses. We'd need the sunglasses too because in Gaurav Gupta's creations especially, she shines the brightest.

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Only a true fashion enthusiast like Beyonce herself has the ability to recognise excellent talent. It comes as no surprise that she has worn Gaurav Gupta's creations in the past too because of this very reason. The Renaissance Tour had many such moments. In a hooded silver gown, the designer's signature work shined brighter when Beyonce was the one wearing it. The shimmery outfit featured more than 20,000 crystals, over 40,000 sequins and glass beads that were hand-sewn. It may have been Rihanna's song but it was Beyonce who shined bright like a diamond.

In another one of his signature hooded sareegowns, it was neon that grabbed Beyonce's attention. The outfit carried Gaurav Gupta's signature futuristic flair but in a subtle way with curves and arches that highlighted the singer's physique at all the right places.

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Beyonce wore a meticulously crafted corset bodysuit when she was on tour from the designer's collection. The all-white ensemble was high on the designer's signature futuristic flair on one shoulder, which flew down to her midriff region. The outfit was attached to a grazingly high pair of embellished white boots to keep her look strictly white.

It is clear - Gaurav Gupta is on a roll and Beyonce rolls with him.

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