Banquet Hall In Jaipur Reduced To Ashes, Mayor Orders Probe

A massive fire completely charred an entertainment park and banquet hall in Jaipur. Police probe into whether the complex had a safety certificate

Banquet Hall In Jaipur Reduced To Ashes, Mayor Orders Probe

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Massive fire breaks out at Jaipur's Rose Garden Entertainment Paradise



  1. Fire destroys Rose Garden Entertainment Paradise in Jaipur
  2. Marriage hall inside complex gutted in 20 minutes
  3. Police probe into fire safety issues of banquet hall
A popular upmarket entertainment park and banquet hall was reduced to ashes within 20 minutes in the heart of Jaipur this afternoon. Police officials have told NDTV that a "major tragedy was averted as it was morning hours and only a few people were present."

The fire broke out at 2 pm at the Rose Garden Entertainment Paradise and within minutes thick black smoke and flames as high 100 feet into the air could be seen from a distance of five kilometre. The Superintendent of Police, Jaipur East, Kunwar Rashtradeep told NDTV, "the fire spread rapidly as there was lot of plastic and hardboard items lying around". More than a dozen fire engines reached the spot within 20 minutes but by then large parts of the complex were completely charred. After two hours and 20 rounds of spraying, the fire was brought under control.

Police sources say, the banquet hall did not have a No Objection Certificate from the fire department. The complex houses sprawling lawns, cinema halls, parks, eateries and banquet hall. It is a popular joint with heavy footfall during the evening when traffic is often blocked. The Mayor told NDTV that an investigation committee has been set up to see whether NOC was in place and complex had adequate fire exits. The probe team will also check if material used for construction is inflammable.

After the Mumbai rooftop fire in which 14 people were killed in two pubs, the Rajasthan Government had asked local civic bodies to stay alert during New Years. A press statement from the Jaipur Municipal Corporation said shopping malls and hotels should "make appropriate fire safety arrangements and follow rules."

NDTV has learnt that the state fire department is ill equipped to handle huge fires in multi-storey buildings in Jaipur. Sources say at present the fire department has only one snorkel ladder that can fire fight up to a height of 44 metre but civic bodies have apparently given a go ahead to buildings as high as 65 metre. Reports say the state government has allotted Rs 80 crore for procuring new equipment and hydraulic ladders, which it hopes to get soon.

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