This Article is From Jul 09, 2020

Watch: 'Mask' Parottas At A Madurai Restaurant For COVID-19 Awareness

A restaurant in Tamil Nadu's Madurai came up with 'mask' parottas to spread awareness about using face covers for protection against COVID-19

Watch: 'Mask' Parottas At A Madurai Restaurant For COVID-19 Awareness

'Mask' Parotta at a Madurai restaurant looks just like a three-ply surgical mask.


A restaurant in Tamil Nadu has cooked up an unusual way of encouraging people to wear masks in the coronavirus crisis. 

Presenting the "mask parotta" - a flat bread shaped like a three-ply surgical mask.

And it is a big hit, according to the owner of the restaurant chain.

"People of Madurai are not very particular about wearing masks. We introduced 'mask' parottas to spread awareness among the people about COVID-19," Mr Poovalingam, the restaurant manager told news agency ANI.

Each parotta is priced at Rs 50 and since it became a sensation on social media, people have been ordering it online, said the restaurant manager.

The 'mask' parottas have become a hot favourite on Twitter at a time India has over 7,60,000 coronavirus cases. Nearly 75 per cent of the cases are from Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Delhi, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh, according to the Union Health Ministry data.

Tamil Nadu, with 1,22,350 cases and 17,00 deaths, is the second worst-hit state.

Twitter was flooded with funny posts of Madurai's 'mask' parotta. Some even called it the "corona cuisine".

According to health workers in the state, it is a big challenge making sure that people use face covers. Nearly 30 per cent of the people in rural areas of Tamil Nadu don't use masks, they say.

Not only 'mask' parottas, earlier in April, a sweet shop in Kolkata came up with the 'corona sandesh' when the Mamata Banerjee government allowed these shops to open for four hours every day. The pink and white 'corona sandesh' with red spikes appeared at a famous sweet shop in the city. The shop owner also gave it free to anyone who stepped into his shop.

From 'mask' parottas to 'corona sandesh', 'corona pakoras and 'corona burgers, the kitchen became a creative space for many during the lockdown and the virus inspired people to invent funky new recipes.