Highlights: Insurgency In Northeast Greatly Reduced, Says PM Modi In "Mann Ki Baat"

In his last address, the prime minister had urged citizens to take up tasks to uplift the poor and had stressed the need for buying indigenous products to support the artisans.

Highlights: Insurgency In Northeast Greatly Reduced, Says PM Modi In 'Mann Ki Baat'

The timing of Mann Ki Baat was changed to avoid a clash with the Republic Day parade (File)

New Delhi:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation on his monthly radio programme Mann Ki Baat'. This was the prime minister's first radio address of the year and the 61st edition of his programme. The timing of the programme was changed to 6pm from 11am to avoid a clash with the Republic Day parade

In his last address on December 29, the Prime Minister had urged the citizens to take up tasks to uplift the poor and had stressed the need for buying indigenous products to support the artisans.

He had, during the course of his address, also spoken about the Indian Space Research Organisation or ISRO's plan to launch a satellite called Aditya to study the sun and had praised the women of Uttar Pradesh's Phoolpur for their efforts towards self-sufficiency.

Here are the highlights of the 61st edition of Mann Ki Baat:

- I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone on the 71st Republic Day. This is Mann Ki Baat's first edition of the year and of the decade. Friends, this time, it came across as appropriate to change the broadcast time of Mann Ki Baat, on account of the Republic Day celebrations. And that is why I am reaching out to you this evening through Mann Ki Baat on a separate time slot: PM Modi

- Friends, we have come together, once again, on the dais of Mann Ki Baat. This is to discuss newer subjects; to celebrate the latest achievements of our countrymen; in fact, to celebrate India: PM Modi

- For the past many years, we have made a number of resolutions, like saying 'no' to single use plastics, buying Khadi, sanitation and cleanliness, respect and honour for the girl child, or emphasizing on the new aspect of "less cash economy". Many a resolve as these came into being on account of our conversations and chats through Mann Ki Baat. And, you have been the ones who strengthened that: PM Modi

- Friends, when I was glancing through the 'Mann Ki Baat Charter', I was taken aback at the magnitude of its contents. A multitude of hashtags. And, of course, we have striven together on myriad endeavours. When every Indian takes a step forward, it results in India going ahead by a 130 crore steps.

- The ethos of public participation, besides in the area of sanitation, is rising rapidly on another front and that is water conservation. And the best part is that in this campaign people from all strata of society contributed wholeheartedly. A story comes from Barabanki in Uttar Pradesh. Village Suniyakot along the Almora-Haldwani highway in Uttarakhand has emerged as an example of public participation. Whereas, a very innovative idea of harnessing a borewell for rainwater harvesting sprung up from Tamil Nadu. The country is replete with innumerable such stories, of water conservation, lending more strength to the resolves of New India: PM Modi

- Friends, on 22nd January, the third Khelo India Games concluded in Guwahati. These games saw the participation of around 6,000 players from different states. I, along with all the winners, congratulate all the participants. I also thank all the people, coaches and technical officers associated with Khelo India Games for successfully organising the tournament. You will be surprised to know that 80 records were broken during this grand sports festival. And I am proud that of these, 56 were broken by our daughters. These laurels have been recorded in the name of our daughters. It is very pleasant for all of us to learn that the participation of athletes in Khelo India Games is on the upsurge year after year. And this also tells you about the increasing inclination towards sports in our school children. Not only this, in just three years, through Khelo India Games, 3,200 gifted children have emerged on the sporting horizon. Many of these children grew up amidst dearth and poverty. The stories of the patience and determination of these children who participated in Khelo India Games as well as their parents will inspire every Indian. I wish all the players a bright future. Along with this, I also, on behalf of all our countrymen, bow in honouring those parents, who did not permit poverty to become a hurdle for the future of their children. We all know that National Games is an arena where players get a chance to display their passion besides becoming acquainted with culture of other states.Therefore, we have decided to organize Khelo India University Games every year on the pattern of Khelo India Youth Games. Friends, next month, the first edition of Khelo India University Games is being organized at Cuttack and Bhubaneswar in Odisha from 22nd February to 1st March. And more than 3,000 players have qualified for participating in these games: PM Modi

- My dear countrymen, the exam season has arrived, and obviously all the students will be busy giving final shape to their preparations. After my experience with millions of students of the country through the platform of "Pariksha Pe Charcha", I can say with confidence that the youth of the country is brimming with self-confidence and is ready to face every challenge: PM Modi

- By the way, these days, I see that many events pertaining to 'Fit India' are being organised. On January 18, our young friends organized a Cyclothon throughout the country. Millions of countrymen participating in this Cyclothon spread the message of fitness. Efforts to ensure that our new India remains fit that are evident at every level fills us with fervour & enthusiasm. The 'Fit India School' campaign, which started in November last year, is also bringing results. I have been told that till date, more than 65,000 schools have obtained the 'Fit India School' certificates through online registration: PM Modi

- My dear countrymen, a couple of weeks ago, different parts of India were celebrating a variety of festivals. When Punjab was spreading the warmth of enthusiasm by celebrating Lohri, sisters and brothers of Tamil Nadu were celebrating Pongal and birth anniversary of Thiruvalluvar. Assam was aglow with the fascinating lustre of Bihu. In Gujarat, everywhere you could see kites in the sky and the pomp of Uttaraayan. In such an atmosphere, Delhi witnessed a historic event. A significant agreement was signed in Delhi. With it, the close to 25-year-old Bru-Reang refugee crisis, a painful chapter, was put to an end for ever and ever. Due to the busy routine and the festive season, you might not have been able to learn about this historic agreement in detail. So I thought, I should definitely discuss this in Mann ki Baat. This problem pertains to the 1990s. Finally the new decade of 2020, has brought a new ray of hope in the life of the Bru-Reang community. Considering everyone as its own and living with the spirit of togetherness is embedded in the ethos of this holy land. I would once again like to congratulate the residents of these states and the Bru-Reang community: PM Modi

- My dear countrymen, Assam, which hosted the grand 'Khelo India' games successfully, was witness to another great achievement. 644 militants pertaining to 8 different militant groups, surrendered with their weapons: PM Modi

- Those who had strayed towards the path of violence, have expressed their faith in peace and decided to become a partner in the country's progress and return to the mainstream. Countrymen will be thrilled to know that insurgency in the North-East has considerably reduced. And the biggest reason for that is that every issue of this region is being honestly and peacefully solved through dialogue. On the solemn occassion of Republic Day, I would appeal to anyone in any part of the country, who's still seeking solutions to problems through violence and weapons, to return to the mainstream. They should have faith in their own capabilities and the capabilities of this country to resolve issues peacefully: PM Modi

- We live in the 21st century which is the era of knowledge, science and democracy. Have you ever heard of a place where life has turned better due to violence? Have you ever heard of a place where peace and goodwill have been impediments in the quest of a good life? Violence never resolves any issue. No problem in the world can be solved by creating another problem. it can only be solved by seeking an optimal solution. Come let's together forge a new India, where every issue is resolved on a platform of peace. Solidarity should be the key to resolving every issue: PM Modi

- My dear countrymen, on the solemn occasion of Republic Day, it gives me great joy to tell you about 'Gaganyaan'. The country has taken another step towards this goal. Friends, you would be aware that four candidates have been already selected as astronauts for this mission. All of them are pilots of the Indian Air Force. These promising youngsters symbolise India's skill, talent, ability, courage and dreams. Our four friends are about to go to Russia in a few days for their training. I am confident that this would script another golden chapter in India-Russia friendship and cooperation. They will be trained for over a year. After that, the responsibility of carrying the hopes and aspirations of the nation and soaring into space will rest on the shoulders of one of them.On the auspicious occasion of Republic Day, I congratulate these four youngsters and the Indian and Russian scientists and engineers associated with this mission: PM Modi

- My dear countrymen, in March last year, a video had become the centre of attention in the media and across social media. The buzz was about how a 107 year old elderly motherly figure broke the protocol to bless the President. This lady was Saalumarada Timmakka. The country recognised and honoured the extraordinary contribution of Ms Timmakka who comes from an ordinary background. She was being decorated with the Padma Shri: PM modi

- Friends, today India feels proud of such great personalities and feels honoured to honour such down to earth, rooted individuals. Like every year, last evening Padma awards were announced. The entire process of the Padma Awards is now completed online. Earlier, the decision was taken by a select few. Now, it's completely people-driven. We can even say that there is now a new-found faith and respect for these awards in the country. Many among the awardees are those who have risen from the bottom of the pyramid through dint of their hard work. They have overcome limitations of resources and a terrible atmosphere of despair around them and forged ahead: PM Modi

- My dear countrymen, once again many many good wishes for the Republic Day celebrations. May this new decade bring new resolve and new achievements for each of you, and for the country. And may India surely achieve the capabilities to fulfil the expectations that the world has from India. With this belief, come, let's start a new decade. Let's serve Mother India with a new-found resolve: PM Modi

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