This Article is From Jul 20, 2022

Explained: How Votes Are Counted In Presidential Election

Results of the Presidential Election are expected to be out by the evening.

Explained: How Votes Are Counted In Presidential Election

India is set to get the name of its new president on Thursday.

New Delhi: Droupadi Murmu or Yashwant Sinha - India's next president will be declared tomorrow once votes for the election are counted beginning at 11 am at parliament.

Here is how the process takes place:

  1. First, the votes will be sorted and checked by returning officers.

  2. MPs have written down their order of preferences for the candidates on ballot papers using green pens, while MLAs have used pink.

  3. There will be two trays - one for Droupadi Murmu and the other for Yashwant Sinha.

  4. The ballot papers of the MLAs will be sorted out first and then the MPs.

  5. The papers which list Ms Murmu's name first will be placed in her tray, and those for Mr Sinha in his.

  6. The value of votes of each MP is fixed at 700 while the vote value of an MLA depends on their state's population.

  7. The counting of votes will begin after the sorting is completed.

  8. A media stand has been set up outside Room Number 73 of parliament house. Trends will be conveyed there once the counting begins.

  9. The winner of the Presidential election is not the candidate who gets the most votes, but the one who gets more votes than a certain quota. The quota is determined by adding the votes polled for each candidate, dividing the sum by two and adding '1' to it. The candidate who gets more votes than this value is the winner.

  10. The results are likely to be declared by the evening.

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