This Article is From Jun 20, 2020

PM Modi Launches Scheme To Boost Livelihood In Rural India: Highlights

"The pandemic has affected the whole world but people in India stood bravely," PM Modi said today.

PM Modi this morning launched a government scheme to boost rural employment.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi this morning launched "Garib Kalyan Rojgar Yojana" via video conferencing to help boost livelihood opportunities in rural India. The scheme also aims to help the migrant workers who were left jobless after coronavirus lockdown in March.

"Today, this scheme is being launched from Bihar's Khagaria. We aim to help people get livelihoods near their homes," PM Modi said. "This scheme has been inspired by migrant workers," he added.

"Migrants will be provided jobs near their homes. So far, you were using your talent for the progress of the cities. Now you will help in the development of your villages, your neighborhoods," PM Modi said.

During the launch, PM Modi spoke to many people from different parts of the country who returned to their villages and asked them about the difficulties they faced during the lockdown.

"The Government of India has decided to launch a massive rural public works scheme ''Garib Kalyan Rojgar Abhiyaan'' to empower and provide livelihood opportunities to the returnee migrant workers and rural citizens," the Prime Minister's office said ahead of the launch.

Here are the highlights of the launch of Garib Kalyan Rojgar Yojana by PM Modi:

  • PM Modi spoke to several people from villages this morning who had to travel to their hometowns amid coronavirus lockdown.
  • "I am sure that this scheme will turn a challenge to an opportunity. This scheme relies on the potential of those living in the villages," PM Modi said, referring to coronavirus. 
  • "For the first time in the country's history, villages are consuming more internet than cities. Government is making efforts to ensure that internet speed increases," PM Modi said. 
  • PM Modi spoke to Janardan Sharma, a carpenter who earlier lived in Haryana's Gurgaon. "Sh. Sharma expresses his happiness about return to the village and the opportunities in the village," PM's office tweeted.
  • "Country is proud of the sacrifice made by our brave soldiers in Ladakh. Today when I am speaking to people of Bihar, I will say the valour was of Bihar Regiment, every Bihari is proud of it. I pay tributes to those who laid down their lives for the nation," PM Modi said.
  • "Talking to you people today has given me relief," PM Modi said today.
  • "We tried to make sure that we could offer maximum support to you during the curbs," he said.
  • "The pandemic has affected the whole world but people in India stood bravely," he added.
  • "Population in rural India is much larger than many of the countries in the world. This huge population stood bravely amid the pandemic. Our rural India deserve credit for the feat," PM Modi said.
  • "I bow down to rural India that helped in stopping the spread of coronavirus. In a country with more than 6 lakh villages, where more than 80-85 crore people live, the spread of this illness was stopped," he said. 
  • "Government is trying its best to make sure that you can find jobs while staying in your villages so that you don't need to take loans amid the pandemic," PM Modi said.
  • "Talent mapping has been started to help migrants. This means, that your skills will be identified while you are staying in your villages," PM Modi said.